Pakistan shows middle finger to Big Satan


Good. Pakis always spoil the party.

Suafii makasin wa vishnu. Msikubali ushoga ni your country.

Say no to gayism,left woke culture in your country

You got it wrong on that part. Pakis are the worst culprits in bum drilling. There was an article on youtube about the rampant abuse of young boys by paki men and actual young male prostitutes…so yeah,maybe something else but they’d attend if told kutakua na ma ‘yengz’

Ulijua aje kinyosss ama huwa una wanyoa njunga maii kabla waende kukazwa mkia.

The ferkers are also very inbred. kazi ni kuoa cousins kila mahali

These ferker hujifanya holy kumbe ni sewage drillers.

Eeeh:D:D:D[SIZE=1]kasi ni kasi buana[/SIZE]