Pajeets enjoy some Nigerian music

Even though Nigerians are the biggest criminals, they produce good music @johntez addi gaza msafi

Nigerian and India have so many similarities: biggest democracies in their regions, scammers in their respective regions, biggest population in their regions, and so much more.


Must be the first African musician to perform there, that song ‘calm down’ is a global hit

Afrobeat is taking over the world, not only that song.

AfroRave borrows heavily from both Indian and Arabian sounds. I think that’s why they invited him over not because of some supposed similarities between the two countries.

Music is a universal language

Australia loved him more.

Happy for this kid. Highly talented and humble, kama amewakilisha india hivo weuhhh!:cool:

Happy when a blek makes it.

Sounds hellish to me, couldn’t listen for more than 30 seconds.

Huna taste msee, mhindi amependa saidi.

Naija music is faya right now. Hawa wajamaa wameimba wimbo mingi its about time something got out. Someone commented on the CKay song (aaaa a a a ) that its the indian wedding song. Happy for them, let them sing some sense instead of the american nonsense.

The similarities were a by the way and not really about the performance as a whole. Also yeah, Indian sounds influence Afro raves

Jolie by khaid …ingine fireee