Painful Message Delivered William Ruto Was Told When He Went To Central Province

Before the duo muddied the waters, Mr Ruto is said to have met a small group of central Kenya MPs months ago to know what the electorate was thinking of him. It was a candid talk where the second in command came face to face with the reality that it may not be as smooth a ride in Central in 2022 as most TNA MPs would want him to believe.

He is said to have thanked them for being forthright.

Kuresoi South MP Zakayo Cheruiyot argues that even though there have been sustained denials and condemnations from the President’s backyard, the two were telling the truth.

“What the two said is typical central thinking. We have seen a serious purge of our people that Moi (former President Daniel arap Moi) left in office over the past 14 years,” he said.

As a fallback plan, the former Internal Security Permanent Secretary said they are considering creating new alliances. “The community is also aware of the Kipipiri humiliation when President Moi channelled resources but Kanu was still defeated at the polls,” he said.

He was referring to a by-election in 1995 when Kanu lost the parliamentary seat to the outgoing MP, Mwangi Githiomi of DP, despite President Moi commencing a rural electrification programme there on the eve of elections to woo voters. Kenya Power materials including 312 poles and personnel were withdrawn after the ruling party suffered the defeat.

Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter says the remarks are just the tip of the iceberg.

“You can say he is a drunk. The second person repeats the same and he is branded mad. I think there is something we shouldn’t dismiss. We should be asking, since when did a mad man and a drunk start understanding each other to agree on something?”

He advises the DP to “mend fences and build bridges with even those in the opposition, bearing in mind there is no permanent friendship or enmity in politics.

“Let him go to Coast, Nyanza and even Ukambani. It would be unfortunate to bank on someone then they dump you at the last minute. It will be like a student who, instead of preparing for an examination, invests so much on getting an exam leak. What if the examination body brings in an emergency paper?” he said.

hatu tambui Keter, hana tofauti na huyo nominated senator and former gavana wa Kiambu?

So, let’s say it’s true for a moment, that Ruto won’t be elected in central province. Who is it that you are sure is going to be elected there? Raila?

Midiwo give us a break. Ruto this central that. Do you have anything else running in your head apart from how ‘this people’ will betray Ruto in 2022? Check on your threads utwambie ka tutakuwa tukikula ii upuss yako serre.

And why does this issue bother babuon’s followers that much? It’s like they are saying they won’t vote for Raila.

2022 sio kesho

Wajinga hawajui kama watakua hai kesho na porojo tu ni 2022. Si wangoje waone kama watakuweko 2017 kwanza…

After the icc issue didn’t split Jubilee, they are walking around with clenched cheek butts hoping this issue will do the trick.

Andú a nyúmba. Lets not lie to ourselves coz it benefits no one in the long run. After 2017 elections Bill Machozi’s usefulness will be a thing of the past and he will as well go drying na sio jokes.


So, if you betray Ruto and follow the most selfish of instincts, how do you propose to extend your reign?

I never understand the psychotic JaKuonist stategy that alternatively vilifies and ridicules WSR and then implores him to join their ramshackle outfit that is always suffering from massive internal bleeding.