Painful cut

Those who have gone the traditional way know better. Is circumcision done this way, coz am shocked.

Uwesmakende alitae Ivo pale kimilili forest

waambie hivo ndio tunacheza huko Bungoma .

Surely huu ni wazimu in 2022. Is it really necessary to do so without anaesthesia?
Mtu aende hospitali, au kama ni kijana wako mpeleke hospitalini in due time afanyiwe operation like a civilized human being. He’ll feel nothing, only the momentary prick of the needle.

Anaesthesia? The point is that the initiate should feel extreme pain to become a man

Hii kidogo imekaribia subincision bana

Pain is not necessary to make you a man, at least not in our era. It’s just a savage practice that serves no real purpose. You’ll not be living in the wilderness hunting antelopes and fighting lions or founding your life on some battlefield. You become a man by learning useful problem-solving skills and values, living with honour, and being responsible. What is important is what the boys are taught, not the infliction of pain. They could still do everything else but have a qualified surgeon to do the operation right, with proper medical tools.

Normal in Bungoma & parts of Transnzoia.

You dont have to experience unnecessary pain to become a man, only relevant when there is no option. But nowadays, we have hospitals and qualified guys for convenience. These pple are still in 10th century.

I disagree with your interpretation. The teachings alone won’t suffice, a psychological scar is needed.

The reason we have a real alpha men like William Ruto is because the were circumcised in the bush.

Doing it traditionally has a profound psychological impact as compared to using anaesthesia which is meaningless.