Paid bloggers Kwa kijiji

Nikama admin amepokea brown envelope akaleta hawa bloggers huku kutoka Twitter Kila thread ni upuss tupu. Akina @johnpombe and the rest

Hawa ni pro bono bloggers. People forget or maybe they don’t know Uhuru hired Cambridge Analytica in 2017. Those guys are very subtle in their propaganda. Not like these idle minds with spare bundles on KTalk. Some of them can’t even string together a coherent sentence and others have a very poor understanding of economics.

Wacha @administrator na @johnpombe wanukishe kitunguu

Na turedio

Be wary of people who post more than 3 threads in a day. They are hired spammers.

Examples: @Micymas @rexxsimba @ChifuMbitika @johnpombe @Ndindu @Chinja etc

If you like reading organic content and not spammed garbage, ignore them.

It is very easy to identify them because they all lift content from other websites and post it here.

Wewe una contribute na nini ya maana?

Funny how anyone who supports uhuru is branded a paid blogger. We are a democracy and everyone apigie debe mtu wake. For me it’s uhuru, baba, handshake mpaka 2032.


Cheza shini mzee.
Ponus ya Christmas iko karibu.

I encountered one yesterday on these streets. What a fcuker.

Punguza stress ya shiba coin pole pole

The label doesn’t derive from supporting Uhuru and RAO, there’s so many like that on here anyway. It stems from the monotonous posting

Ghasia takataka meffi. You obviously know there exists a button called IGNORE

Wewe naye hujui watu wa kuignore … anza na @Idi Adnim alaf @uwesmake, @Top-Gun na @Purple. Apo kwa @TrumanKapondi napo tuko pamoja

Mwizi wa simu kama unataka bahasha sema