Paid apps that deserve your money

Wakubwa which apps/subscription were you forced to buy? personally i have paid for

  1. IDM- lifetime subscription. was getting tired of regular updates and cracking
  2. ExpressVPN- Very essential
  3. Bitdefender total security-2 years. got it with blackfriday deal. Sometimes you get very busy to start dealing with viruses manually and people’s external drives
  4. IPTVs. premium IPTV offer unmatched experience but then been moving gradually to local media server using plex
  5. Mega could storage- for high bandwidth downloads on mega hosted files

I use Linux, so if it isn’t open source or pirateable I’m probably not using it.
But for for your list, I use Deluge since the only downloading I do is via bittorent.
I use Orbot for android VPN and Tor. I’d use Tor Browser if I was on Windows if I wanted anonimity.
Avast antivirus free version is enough for Windows. A firewall and common sense is enough on linux.
Stremio + Torrentio + VLC/MPV for streaming stuff. I couldn’t be assed to set up a media server.
Fuck Mega. Just use dropbox.

I do not apologize for adding nothing to this thread.

you have your reasons for dropbox. personally i pirate from member only sites that host on mega, much better than torrent. With VPN esp[ecially when it comes to accessing geo-restricted content across various platforms, expressvpn is the best. Can use it with Firestick, phone, comp, configure directly on router etc and my kindle

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IDM? Why do you download things nowadays na unaeza stream

I’m curious… Do you pay for streaming (TV, music, etc) services? If so, which ones -and most importantly- why?



Well i’m guessing you are using a regular size TV with normal speakers. Try Streaming a UHD BluRay HDR movie with TrueHD Atmos 7.1 sound channels. Furthermore there are various file types people use, sio ku watch tu pekee plus IDM makes downloading convenient especially when dealing with multiple batch files

Turedio anatumia Microsoft word pekee

Anatumianga pia notepad kujenga HTML ya kijiji

Me too. went from downloading music, albums to Spotify then Deezer then back to Spotify

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Which iptv provider?