I think my girlfriend is cheating. Hatukuwa na yeye weekend and she called saying asha meza P2 a phone call which sound a bit confusing until she realised it was me on the call aka kata. saa hii ameweka picha yangu kwa prof pic and she is acting jovial as fuck kwa chats like never before…she is for di streets for sure saa hii nme pack nguo zake zote kwa NEMA bags next time she is coming to my place she is leaving immediately. Am i over reacting ama ni maskio yangu haikuskia fiti?..

Sato night ,sunday morning ,yeye na waiguru walikua hii kitu

Hapo wewe ni shareholder. No need of over reacting… endelea kukula yeye as you work towards your goals.

mm naogopa kaswende bana si ati huwa si dinyani huku nje but she is cheating on me man…now all the the dots are joining…

Before umfukuze ingia mkia

Tena analiwa raw!

angesema ame meza p2 ya nn

While dating it is wrong to expect loyalty and commitment, reason being that both parties are looking for a bigger better deal…It is cheating if you have engaged her or are planning to marry her. Just be realistic and you will never experience heart aches…

Wachana naye Tu…
Dont let her come to Ur house… don’t meet her …Fargo her shit over tomorrow morning

Please for the sake of your life, just know anakulwa raw! Ingia Karura kabla ya luwere

Hehe like I said wewe ni shareholder there are other men interested in her, seeing what you see in her… Umesahau Ile msemo
May the best man win…
If you are with her for the slices…Winning her isikupatie stress tafuna while it lasts

Bingwa men need to be realistic, it’s a relationship and no one owns the other…
She is also looking for a better male and her mind is not made up yet, the same applies to OP , despite being with her, he’s busy sleeping around.

man ni kama nitawekea yeye mzigo kwa Uber Boda

I cannot do with cheats man…heri dem nakamua nikujua ni dem ya msee kuliko ani dnaganye

…And he needs to be realistic that whoever he is going to find is not an angel…Ni achukue slices as he work towards his life goals. Focusing on women will only get him disoriented…There is time for everything. Taking it serious will negatively affect his attitude towards women. Atajoin mgtow bila kutaka

:D:D:Ddon’t kill yourself over pussy though:D:D:D kunguru ni kunguru

Men should value themselves more and not accept to knowingly share

Kama hujidhamini Sisi hatufanani nawe

As long as she is past twenty-two…She will cheat on you. Women fall in love deeply at age 19, 20 and 21. At 22,23 and 24…She has suffered a number of heartbreaks, past 25 she is a community project.

she told me she wants my child two months ago and now she is cheating

Be realistic. Women from your community understand what self respect is. Hawa wetu start engaging in sex at age fifteen and sixteen. You cannot go trusting them…Besides she won’t tell you who she’s been with. Unaweza jidhamini lakini yeye hajiheshimu…