P L O speaks

PLO is on fire … :D:D


Anakula moto for a reason :smiley:

Tangu stint yake huko eacc…i often turn off volume ya radio. Let him lie to fools not common folk or elites

Sometimes people don’t have leadership qualities even when they have ideas. He had ideas of what to do when given the helm, but how to do it was foreign to him. The guy was moved from academia to head a institution. Something he had never done. Had no experience with bureaucracy. So he failed.

An academian is a text book bureaucrat, it’s the monsters that lept out of the pages

His encounter with Cecily Mbarire and her husband made things difficult for him

Reminds one of all these “Talking Heads” and “Experts” one comes across in Media , Academia and Public Service …

They flash their degrees around but are unable to deliver when given an opportunity to serve …

Bure Kabisa …

Masomo is good but it

Hii ngamia hakuna kitu anaweza niambia after tulimpea EACC akakojolea. I would rather listen to busaa drinkers in Kwisero. They make more sense than this fool.