Ozarks Summary

Season 1. Diluted breaking bad and lgbt nonsense
Season 2. Solid Patriachs display unflinching loyalty
Season 3. Entrance of strong matriachs with no semblance of loyalty pissing on each other’s ego…


Saa hii ndiyo hiyo series imefika githurai?

Sn1 wasnt that bad surely :D:D:D we had a very strong antagonist in the name of Del and them hillbillies the snels were good too. Ruth grew on me as the season progressed.
Currently on Sn2, my biggest fear though is they end up politicizing everything till it becomes unwatchable Garbage as is the norm these days

I almost gave up on season 1. Forced myself to continue and no regrets:D

This has to be one of the wtf moment when darlene snell does her thing :smiley:


Ruthie was alright in season one and two, by three she seems to be shifting towards that blonde cunt Wendy and her hair brained ideas.

oh they will politicize it by the time you get to three, that dry bone Darlene took down both Del and Jacob Snell with no consequences to her! I mean come one, nobody takes down captains and lives to tell the tale. The Casey Mob doesn’t get as much screen play and the FBI after the passing of officer Petty bring on a pregnant woman as a protagonist, at some point you find yourself forwarding through the Wendy daily rants.

3 has got to be the one that has tested my patience.

Bana, huku latest ni Mario Puuuussys Godfather ndio block buster. Na pipa za Dandora mmefika wapi? Sarafina ama Gods must be crazy?

Yani umeangusha spoilers hivyo tu marvolo:oops::oops: go play with your dementors kabla nilete squad hapa


On a serious note though Ill admit this is a bit sad to hear, especially considering how Bateman was passionate about this project as well as his team. Though i suppose there were cracks that were already manifesting. Man that sucks!!

On a side note, Ive been putting off stranger things for a long time now i wonder if there’s any point in watching that show. Does it go downhill as well

Haven’t watched it, sorry about the spoilers. It’s still a righteous watch to see the dynamics in play when you mix family and business. Apparently you have to let your desires take a back seat, for which ironically will be to your detriment as it’s considered weak. Can’t win with these daughters of Lilith

:D:D:D:D Its their time now. No worries mate, Its not exactly something I hold dear like say peaky blinders so no harm done.

I feel like if you’re in the entertainment industry its really easy to make money now. All you have to do is the opposite of what’s been done and people will flock to your service. Westerners especially are desperate for “rebellious” platforms be they films/comics/politics etc. Think that’s why that rippaverse fellow has had such tremendous success. Just do the opposite of what these Garbage corporations are doing, market aggressively and you’re well on your way to success.

Now as to whether said corporates/elites will let you do that instead of spending ludicrous amounts on burying your product is a different story

Think the best solution i have found is to dump hollywood trash and branch internationally. There are some seriously good films being produced by other nations. South Korea for instance has impressed me with most of their series of late and they focus on entertainment not politics. Nordic shows are also slowly coming up. Chinese games are slowly declaring their presence personally i cant wait for Black myth wukong hope it lives up to the hype. Nowadays you cant even enjoy a simple game because its all political bullshit

Have yet to find a game with the story line that rivals GTA San Andreas, as for GTA v if one is keen enough the landscape and characters are heavily borrowed from San Andreas. I like games and movies with plenty of leeway for side hustles.

Going against the grain is what gets one paid because there are plenty of market niches who enjoy an uncompromised gripping tale, why not write your own success story and let the market respond accordingly as opposed to shoving down the liberal agenda into the industry. Ozarks could have gone in a completely different direction but here we are.

I like GTA V though i always get side tracked no matter how hard i try. Two hours in and everyone’s getting a taste of an rpg. I like trevor that crazy bastard:D:D. Why not try out red dead 2 also made by Rockstar but the story was one of the best ive ever seen. Ive had that game for 4 years and i still stumble onto new things every now and then. Lots and lots of side hustles and one of the most realistic interactions ive seen in any game so far. I immediately understood why it took 8 years to build that game once i played it.

But you see that requires effort and creativity basically you’re asking too much out of snowflakes. Easier to rip off content spin it in the laziest way possible, add some mandatory Gay agenda and sell it to the consumer. Reject accountability by blaming the consumer for bias and low sales rinse and repeat and you have the formula for what is considered “entertainment” in modern times.

Ozark is just sad man because i recall Bateman and his team doing an AMA and he sounded quite passionate about it. Man the series even got a shout out from Bill Gates during its earlier days should have worked out differently. But i guess the machine was too strong

WTF @administrator why are you censoring this shit. Bana acha upuzi reject your shitty ads if there’s no freedom of expression

Ozarks series mufti sana