Oyamo and Obiero do not want Lessit citing bias

After just a few months in jail, they’ve realized they’re now on their own. Their boss is being openly favored by Justice Lessor. Government witness and plea bargain loading, I wonder who will squeel first, Oyamo looks the part, Oviedo Vado anakaa ngumi. The bravado is gone. They’re realizing they will be the fall boys as Governor Obado gets off. Kenya, Kenya, Kenya if you don’t have minor don’t commit crime oh especially not to prove your loyalty to someone. To me the person who stands the best chance is ex MCA Mullan who was merely used as a bait, he can deny knowledge or malice a forethought then deny culpability and throw the governors workers under the bus.

Sasa mwarî?

Binadamu hunishangaza. God gives you everything then you leave all those many good gifts you go to kill your bosses girlfriend. We’re you there wen Obado was enjoying raw sex with Sharon? So wen she falls of why do u agree to be put in the mix? The same way he was fucking her alone is the same way this two fools should have let him sort out his mistress. Which loyalty is this that requires u2kill a pregnant woman. Why cud Obama not hire a professional hitman? Anyway they will rot in jail like Inspector Munene. Men these loyalty points achia supermarket cards. Let pole carry their own crosses. Obado is enjoying his freedom while his boys haven’t seen their kids for good 9 months… It’s time men learn to mind their own business. Life is very simple. As long as you mind your own business. You will know happiness that knows no bounds. Enjoy your life don’t be jeolous and don’t take on beefs that are not yours.U r not Jesus to save pole from the mess of their own creation. Wanaume solidarity forever will be ur undoing. Hakuna loyalty in this world. Somebody is asking u to sacrifice ur life to prove your loyalty? Ujinga mtupu. They beta wake up n tetra themselves b4 it bcms too late.

Ng’ombe hii sii ulisema by January Obado atakuwa Kamiti.