Oya @Ktalk Jubilee fanatics, mbona leo sioni posts za Babuon that babuon this?

Sio Baby boy amesema…hii ni copy paste of a trending topic

No Member of the Kikuyu leadership will say anything against UK even when the boat is sinking. They’d rather drown! #JubileeDeathTunnels

#jubileedeathtunnels Maybe now I understand why Raila is called JAKOM (chairman); he sets the nation’s agenda.

The late John Michuki (RIP) must be turning in his grave as Water CS Wamalwa & Majority Leader Duale attempt to justify what is happening to muranga

Closing statement
Baba roho mtakatifu future president jakom Rao “mesut ozinga” akisema yr wife is PG start buying pampers. Just like Ozil baba sees far and wide and also gives assists ki ozil vile tuu ame assist wasap pale muranga

tuko busy tunauliza Zuuma atweleze how it worked

i.e ferkn n showerin, plus how he sattisfies all those wives au bodyguards ndio proxy husbands

KTALK ushers can u show this meffi where to sit.

The blindness or lack of common sense those sides of Kenya is truly a sad state of affairs.

BTW hapo I support RAO 100%.
Hawa watu wanaharibu environment ya muranga to develop nbi.
Ndakaini dam supplies nairobians with water every day and the hosts don’t even get a coin. Ndakaini shopping center is a ghost town where only unemployed youth while away.
No more exploitation.


Nangojea brigade ya ‘Raira will nefa be plesident.’
He can yap all he wants and make any claim that he dreams of but as long as he never gets anywhere near the house on the hill no many of us care.
Let him amuse himself and his blind and myopic followers.

hata ayub wa muranga supports Rao…[ATTACH=full]61901[/ATTACH]

Babuon shit stirer

what if raila went quiet? Where willl some people get another campaign ingredient?


Railas’ claims have some truth in it, hile kitu hatupendi ni unafiq, feigning ignorance to the fact him and the nusu mkate cabinet endorsed this project. Lakini supporters wa RAO hawawezi ona hivo, dumb just like Trump supporters.

Sobering thoughts, but this is replicated even in CORD strongholds. Sorry to say.

Interesting times lie ahead.

What happened to the Turkana water ? Where is @spear when u need him ? Maybe it’s a high time we started depopulating Irovi

Its replicated in the whole country.
Its so sad that we follow blindly like fools.
Just like Turkana county will benefit from oil revenues, same case should apply to Muranga residents especially those from Gatanga.

Hiyo story ya maji iangaliwe. It shouldn’t just be dismissed because it is Raila who brought it up. Even Ruto himself said that it is wise at times to change your mind.


nakuonya mara ya pili

kuna group mahali hizo myths za baba zimekuwa busted zote.
hio story ya kusema ati garisa muranga tana delta zitakauka after 5 years of the project ni incitement and he should be charged with such untill he can give credible data to support his claims