Owour sounds genuine than most preachers

I’m not so religious inclined and never sentimental but listening to owour compared to other preachers in the land, he seems more a genuine sheep of God, see even he is not among those who troop to statehouse for " prayers" and brown envelope.
Don’t you see a different doctrine wise of owour compared to other “preachers”.

Personally i started listening to Lovy Logombas teachings… he teaches the word, ubaya ni hizo dreadi ako nazo kwa kichwa just gives me some off vybe sometimes.

Hakuna mtu genuine kumliko James Ng’anga. Yeye haombei wanasiasa. Yeye anaplay instruments na ako na music yake hhaimbi izi nyimbo za kenyan musicians.

But he lies properly.

Kitambo I could listen to Harrison Nganga.

Some youtube Imams pia.

Only genuine preacher I ever came across was Billy Graham!

Leave no room for personal interpretation of who is “genuine” or “not genuine.” However every minister, prophet, preacher must be subjected to the Word of God (Bible) which is the FINAL authority. Say what the Word says. Word ONLY. Let Christians not be like the Muslims who some of them will say that the Taliban, alshabab and Isis are fake Muslims but they who live “peacefully” with the kaffir are genuine Muslims. They do not read the Qu’ran or the Hadiths of Muhammad. The only genuine Islam is what’s preached by the radicals who want to establish an Islamic caliphate. The only genuine Christianity is contained in the Bible. The only genuine Christian is the one who follows the Word of God to the dot! Has Owuor failed the Word test? Countless times. He walks in blasphemy and thus cannot be a prophet sent by God.

Ole Sankok asked him to show PWD numbers of the cripples he ‘healed’ recently in Bomet and took their crutches. Sijui ilifika wapi. Halafu his catchment area is usually around Nakuru, Kericho, Bomet. Ameshika watu akili proper.

Spiritual teaching I go for that morning cloud pastor.

Bonobo stupidity. There is no afterlife. Unakufa kaa kuku na story kaput. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

Bishop Harrison ng’ang’a hufunza poa na ni mcheshi.

Sisi rende ya Kanyari, Kyuna na Lai, tukae kwa hema gani?
Quick question of the rhetorical kind, why didn’t Owuor go to KNH and cure the multitudes? [SIZE=1]Asking for my pet mongoose[/SIZE]

Utaambiwa Imani Yako ndio imekuponya :D:D

Then explain this! Ni God mazee.

You claim not religious inclined yet you have listened to all those preachers and made a decision on who is more genuine than all others? And b the way, the meaning of ‘‘genuine’’ is not the way you have used it

Genuine biblically is any gospel that is centred on repentance and being holy pure not these people who flatter there congregation to fill the pews.

Mimi hushika preachers akiquote verse mimi husoma 4 or 5 verses above and below the quoted verse to get the right context na kuona kama huyo preacher ni @Yuletapeli hata akina Kyuna, Joel Osteen and their ilk are motivational speakers si preachers.

Hata Mimi I prefer the motivational speakers to pators. Sipendi mtu anasema the end is near na ndio niko half way ya maisha yangu :D.

Gifts and the calling of God are without repentance. Romans 11:29
The rain falls on the just and the unjust. Matthew 5:45
Do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven. Luke 10:20

Meaning? Prophet Owuor is performing healings using spirits ama? Wasn’t Jesus also accused of sorcery?