Owning Small Business In Jamu's Overrated.....

Ni kazi au biashara!

A Kenyan man working in the US disclosed that he sold off his seven-year business to be employed.

Beautah Maroko opened up about how being a businessman gave him character development.

“Whoever tells you to be your ‘own boss’ is a big liar or textbook advice. It’s a thankless journey.
Get a job, build a career, have some hobbies, travel, and save for retirement, and you will never regret it,”
he said.

“It’s the second month of my employment in my new residency in the US. After seven years of entrepreneurship in Kenya, which I sold off and have no regrets at all.
I love it; I will never go back into owning a business again; too much stress and many obstacles,” he wrote.

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Yaani bonobo ikienda majuu lazima ikumbushe watu at every turn…ati “because of difference in time zone” :D:D:D

Biashara achia Arabs. Period

Always read here that kuwa na “side hustles”.

It’s good to have as long as EVENTUALLY in the immortal words of birrionaire Mark Cuban, “it (ONE) has to turn out to be the main hustle”. That means giving up employment to focus solely on it.

You do not see Coca Cola venturing out to try to bake donuts or mandazi to compliment their drinks. Focus. Focus. Focus on that ONE THING (product, service) as an entrepreneur and be the best at it.


@Aka mpole

He sold whatever he is calling business because he got green card or job in the US. Not because businesses are bad. It is ironical because I guess he is now employed by a business owner. It is his second month in that job yet he is advising people to travel and have hobbies while jobbing? Anyway, he only wanted people to know that he is now in the US, nothing to do with business or job

Hivi vitu huhappen once, we might as well enjoy. Sorry for the inconvenience, never meant to rub anyone in the wrong way :smiley:

Biashara sio rahisi, that’s for sure. But the resilient are not fazed

Bishara mingi Kenya ni survival , the environment in Kenya for entrepreneurs is very hostile ! the licenses alone and the corruption and harassment by the counties alone is enough to hang ur boots, Vitu kama farming nilisema afadhali nicheze sportpesa after several character development classes.

Kama alishindwa na biashara awache kusumbua watu. Sisi tuko hapa grinding in our hustles. Every day ain’t Christmas but we have learnt to respect the hustle and the process.

Sasa what’s the alternative kama jobs hakuna mdau?

What worked for you may not work for me. What works for me may not work for you. Why can’t bonobos understand this basic philosophy?

And it’s also his second month of employment. Let’s revisit him after 5 years of working for mzungu and hardly progressing. Then ask him his thoughts on running his own business.

Meaning, not you or your community Abeed.

He is speaking the truth… It is mafia dominated and extortion is deeply embedded…And for you to succeed, you must break the laws because your competitors break them… Like in my post about Eastleigh traders who only trade with cash or M-Pesa withdrawals, how do you expect to beat them if you decide to comply with tax laws? Again, this creates a hindrance because KRA fellows can decide to pounce on you when you open a branch outside Waria Zone… https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/is-it-possible-to-compete-with-tax-evading-somalis.225800/

Waria anafikiria yeye ni Mwaarabu because of being brainwashed by reciting the Quran in Arabic!

It’s all a matter of where one makes more money.

What can I say, not everyone is prepared to work hard on his business and not everyone realizes that you need to work daily and overcome plenty of struggles you meet. Some of us are okay with being employed and we don’t need to worry about tomorrow just because we work on somebody, and this somebody already racks his brains about that. However, I still think that it’s better to have a small business and earn as much money as you want. If you’re afraid of how to begin and what problems may appear you will just need to click this link now and read the articles about business and all that comes with it.