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Remember the Wanjigi ad, which NASA cited as evidence that Jubilee was on a campaign of intimidation and plotting assassinations?

KUDOs to the investigators, who were able to zoom in on the CCTV and positively identify the person who paid for the ad. Turns out that, like so many events around JaKuon and ODM, it was self-inflicted, designed to gain sympathy and tarnish Uhuru and Ruto.

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[SIZE=5]Jimmy Wanjigi to sue Nation Media over ‘fake obituary’, says family horrified[/SIZE]

Hehehehehe! Boomerang!!

Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako.

We have seen Kalonzo cry on cue, now watch Wanjigi sue DN because another evil ODM plan went POOF!

[SIZE=6]Jimmy Wanjigi to sue Nation Media over ‘fake obituary’[/SIZE]

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Railas private secretary Noah Akala is pushed out of Okoa kenya secretariat office by youths who accused him of being a jubilee mole on 30/8/17-Beverlyne Musili,standard

[B]Raila Odinga’s private secretary was on Wednesday violently ejected from a NASA Parliamentary Group (PG) meeting over claims that he was spying for Jubilee Party.

Rowdy youths kicked out Dr Noah Akala from the Okoa Kenya secretariat, where Raila and other NASA co-principals were chairing the meeting.

“You are a Jubilee mole… Get out and go to your masters,” a leader of the rowdy youth was heard shouting at him as they dragged him out of the gate.

Attempts by the bodyguards of Raila and other MPs attending the PG to rescue Akala from the mob that was baying for his blood failed as the more than 20 youths overpowered them as they shoved and manhandled the aide.

Read more at: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001253227/men-in-black-eject-raila-aide-from-nasa-parliamentary-group-meeting [/B]

How did the critter get back into the inner circle after that ejection?

Instresting!!!popcorn please?

JJ, Msando, Moraa, Baby Pendo, yule alipigwa huko Eastlands were the works of the same man who did this. Babuon alienda Lee funeral home ready with tissue knowing there was a big man about to fall. The ‘IEBC - must -go’ fire was dying and it needed some stoking. Jakobo had to go

Always blaming the police as they wage their proxy wars on Jubilee.


wanjigi has murdered, stolen and ruined many lives here. His enemies are cycling as all his deeds and mistakes done in the dark shadows come to light. I wouldn’t be surprised by his death if it ever happens since you can’t tell which of his enemies has done it. Even his current home was stolen from an Indian at his death bed in hospital. He got him to sign off on a very contentious will at the last moment. In the criminal underworld wanjigi is too hot to handle, the heat on him is too much such that no one wants to deal with him. They all know he is closely watched. His criminal empire is steadily declining and some foreign nations are watching his travels to arrest him on some undisclosed warrants. One of them is switzerland. wanjigi wants to escape abroad and he is currently working on asylum application. Part of that includes proving his life is in danger. This is why he set up this stunt himself to help the asylum application. It also helps the opposition narrative of “government crackdown” not for breaking the law. The asylum application also reveals which countries maybe hunting him so that he can plan his escape early. That said he is finished and very overated. When he dies do you even think his funeral will include any local public interest in Kiambu. Who will miss the murderous corruption kingpin who destroyed many in the dark and keep everything to himself.

This has to be a record of some sort. I have never seen so many self-inflicted blows in a row. How was it supposed to play out? The government was supposed to have killed one jiggy on account what? I suspect that they are overthinking. When you get desperate you start doing silly shit.



'ki’a ngai!

It happens. :smiley:

JW, the poster child for how to lose friends and alienate people. I am just amazed that the planted obituary turned to sh*t when it was discovered that one of their people did it. That playbook they are using haimek sense hata kidogo.

Be aware of Greeks bearing gifts