On a secondary note, i paid a little bit attention to her(the lady) since she is the only white sheep amongst the black ones. She needs to do something about her health. She looks very pretty and has good legs BUT she looks the kind who takes a lot of nyama choma and beer everyday. Then if this is true,at this rate she wont go far; diabetes , hypertension, and all degenerative diseases could clock in early …

Maybe she is the temple virgin :smiley: athuuri meerute thaahu naake as was done in India, ndio curse ikue Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

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I was also ignored yesterday, nikacheka sana.

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Kiroruma nyambo. Juma ni mwaki wa kabete

statement by jamal birkam one of the comrades "In solidarity with our able chairman Babu Owino being held extra- judicially by rogue government operatives, we 'll bring a standstill in the CBD today morning.
Political affiliations aside, we’re all bound by the comradeship spirit.
A comrade should never be exposed to such trials.

Today is the day


just asking.
it was 27th that day and now if the women present were under the menstral will the blood from the goat still count???

Wewe ni kaka ya regional manager?

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