Kikuyu elders on Tuesday, September 27 congregated at the Mama Ngina gardens to conduct an intricate ritual cursing Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.

The elders said that it was a bad omen for a younger man to insult an elder which is why the ritual was necessary - They killed a white goat, sprinkled its blood and burned its entrails and thereafter, left the fate of the young MP in the hands of the gods.

They have since asked the MP to apologize to the president and his mother or risk a curse of such huge impact that it will make Kenya tremble Babu Owino has managed to get the negative attention of the whole country just by uttering words he could have kept to himself.

The elders performed rituals at the Mama Ngina gardens in Thika where they killed a white goat and sprinkled its blood around.
“We resolved to hold the prayers to secure the country from curse as a result of the young man’s disrespect to his elders and the head of state, who is also like his father. Judging from what we have witnessed here today, we have appeased the gods by slaughtering this goat and we hope our prayers will be answered."Said one of the elders present.

Thaaai.tutingitunywo shafashi kanua


ata kama. elders should restrain themselves from political gimmicks. hiyo waachie Nairobi Business Community


kenya is full of charlatans. what was a woman doing at such a solemn ceremony?


spot on.

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Make up rituals


culture is dead

Thaai nyumba ya mumbi thaai
Kîroruma nyambo

Curses ni upuzi, do people still believe in them?


This kikuyu elders ni walevi wakawaida who are paid to come and perform witchcraft, they dont even know how they are doing.

Current state of affairs in Kenya are fucked up… a fucking circus show, In other news owino just inserted his finger in the leopard’s anus you can’t go around insulting someone’s mother

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Na merians njuri?

Wacha yule nanii wa demeaning of women asome hii comment yako.Hiyo 10gb ya ktalk server imebaki itajazwa sahii na a thread only dedicated to you.

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these guys are funny. so are they diligently updating him on their plans for him and then allowing him time and means to update his followers?

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“I don’t believe in God, I believe in baba. It’s time for Tialala and Tibim. The day you realize what that means is the day you will realize we are unshakeable,” He declared.

:)alisema amenipa ignore nikasema poa sana.

Matriarchal things… All the way from the big house of Mumbi… :D:D:D:D:D

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I didn’t support what this young man said , but elders should desist from such practices . Its outdated,outfashioned and uncouth . I think wajaluo should do the same to Kuria and see which one works well .