Overpopulated World?

The World is not overpopulated by Humans or Animals. it’s just poorly managed and used by Humans who claim to be the most intelligent species in not only the World but the whole Universe. there are very huge tracts of lands all over the world that are inhabited and/or not in use. Humans just decided to live where they can farm and farm where they should live.
Humans should have settled or decided to build the huge estates, factories e.t.c in areas with poor soils, terrain, climate e.t.c and farm in areas with favorable conditions instead we decided to cut down trees especially in areas with favorable conditions to pave way for our homes and decided to farm in areas with less favorable conditions which require extensive resources to maintain/produce.
Fewer trees/forest means less rainfall which leads to less food and water for animals (calls for the world being overpopulated with animals which should also be killed to reduce the numbers) and also less water for Humans to drink, use for other purposes, especially for irrigation/farming. (calls for the world being overpopulated with Humans who should be killed to reduce the numbers)
Unless Humans change the way we use the Environment/Nature even if we reduce to 1 Billion, over time the word will still be overpopulated. (with proper planning and use of resources, the world would comfortably accommodate even 10 billion Humans plus all the Animals. But the most intelligent of the intelligent species have said the world is overpopulated and needs to be depopulated so what do I know)

Too many words to say you don’t know anything about the overpopulation debate.
No one has talked of depopulation. Not even Bill Gates who I’m sure you’re referring to.

Depopulation means reducing the population numbers.
What the debate is about is slowing the rate of increase.

And being overpopulated has nothing to do with land area.
It refers to having more people than a certain area can afford or is able to support.

but why would a certain area or region have more people than it can support? if its the whole world that was overcrowded then that would be okay. we have settled in small areas in large numbers then cry that we/the world cannot sustain us. so the debate should be about sustainable human settlement all over the world.

Your statements are about 5000 years late.
Humanity cannot reverse urbanization.
What we can slow is crowding in poverty.

The people who have looted from the masses are the same people who tell you we’re overpopulated.If they feel we are overpopulated,let them lead by example,it’s funny how elites never want to depopulate themselves first.

I agree and unfortunately, we still haven’t learned anything.
but there are people who are by themselves and are poor and others who have families of 10 people and are able to comfortably take care of them.
so we should tackle issues of poverty, better planning of urban cities, and use of natural resources because even if in the next ten years no births are recorded, we will still find ourselves with the same issues of the world overcrowded and resources not being enough. (slowing the rate of increase is treating the symptoms and not the disease)