Overemphasis On Degrees RUINED Kenya: 1000s Of GRADUATES Turned Up To Apply For 150 G4S Watchmen Positions


Siwezimind nijifinye nyuma ya dem. Ni dry hump

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Kama sio mkia ni nyapu. What are your goals in life bro?

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Hehehee the problem of degrees being dished out like tropkos.Wenye kupewa degrees have no idea what to do with them.
A degree is supposed to help evolve your thinking into independence, decision making and problem solving.Hii ujinga ya kukuwa na degree na bado mindset iko so much engrossed in employment that one is willing to accept any job is a very sad state of affairs.
Ma daktari pia wako wengi saidi.absolutely all of them want to be top consultants in medical practice forgeting that not all of them can be absorbed in the system.Few of them are seeking employment in multinational pharma companies as medical affairs director/consultant/liaison officer with serious perks.
Mtu kama akili imejifunga na super glue hata umpeleke asomee degree gani haiwezi kumsaidia.