Overdue lanye hekaya

This happened last year a time like now (Friday December 17th).
Alcoholism ilikuwa out of control but nilikuwa nastay kwa maparo so I tried kucheza chini a lot. However, that week I was home alone. Nilikuwa tu pombe lanye pombe lanye.
Friday morning, I decided I’ll take it slow. I was used to kukununua half ya quarter odeon but I decided niende Amar nikunywe pole pole kutoa lock then niingie kazi mchana as if nimetoka lunch break (it’s a place with many labs so can easily avoid supervisors). I drink a quarter and it ends really quickly, I spot 2 women, go chat them up then bang one of them. I go back to drinking. I see a big booty Luo, I go with her. Shot mbili. Then nikatulia. I really lost track of time and before I knew it it’s 3PM.
At the time, I see a woman in a blue dress. She’s tall and thick just how I like it. Hapa lazma shot. After that, she suggests tuende VIP classic. Had never been VIP before that day but I follow her. There she gets some food, and forces me to take some water ju nimelewa sana.
I want to go to the washroom, she wants to escort me but I say I’m okay. Now kutoka washroom, I see a short lightskin. And the way she is petite ni very kunjable. Also ni opposite my type so was fetishizing her. Kupanda stairs with her, I see another girl I grab her hand and tell her to come. We go up another one. So now niko room with 5 women (the girl nilitoka naye Amar pia alikuwa coz she saw me climbing and followed).
Now mimi na ufala zangu I’m mentally horny but physically not really ju nimemwaga sana all day so niko semi hard. I have a 6some and it was very pathetic. Ju kulikuwa na CD changes like every 1-2 minutes. Na siezi mwaga since niko drained. It’s like fucking one girl, change CD, next one. While the rest are watching.
Afterwards, the petite girl I saw first wants me to send 6K for all of them. I was like I don’t have that. I had 3500. She took it then activated my fuliza and topped up 1500 juu.
The original lanye I was with started lecturing me. Saying how this is why angenipeleka washroom and such. Nilikuwa nil hio time. So huyo lanye alinipea 100 nieze kufika home. To make it worse hio pesa nilikuwa nayo ilibidi nitumie kulipa loans but now back to square 1.

Fast forward a year later sai niko over 6 months alcohol free. Went to lanye place once last month and was responsible. You know you’re fucked up when lanyes start telling you uache pombe when they should encourage you so that they benefit

Wah. Pole usirudi huko…when you are saved from a fire you don’t go back to warm yourself near it. You could fall back in. Chunga sana pombe, and understand what triggers you and how to cope with it.

“Wine and women make the heart lustful,
and the companion of prostitutes becomes reckless.” (Sirach 19:2)

“Do not become a drunkard and a glutton with nothing in your purse. Whoever does this grows no richer; those who waste the little they have will be stripped bare” (Sirach 18:33 and 19:1)

Eeeeish…hapa ndio mtu huambiwa alilaaniwa…on a positive note its good you are currently doing well

I started regulating myself when some viruka njias nilikuwa nakula started vividly describing my ability to take copious amounts of alcohol without appearing inebriated. Ile unakunywa from 8pm hadi 5am na unaenda home bila kutingika. Once slowly downed, to the amazement of everyone present, a mzinga ya Gilbeys solo kwa house party then drove some chics to town for more beers. Alcohol addiction is a silent pandemic kwa hii nchi yetu. Nabii aingilie kati.

6 women ,gosh you qualify to be a porn star.

This sounds like a hellish situation. Uko hapo unathrust tu and the rest wanawatch kama video wakingoja umwage ndio watoke.

Maze. Na hakuna kitu inatoka

It’s a bad trait. At first unajiona mzito but kumbe it just means you’re susceptible to alcoholism.

:D:D:D:D budesko pombe ilikufanya ukaokota five prostitutes wote ati unataka kuwadinya?

Bana. Hio saa ata sifikiri:D

I need to understand the logistics of this. Mlienda room moja? In VIP? Wote mlikuwa ndethe mkingojeana ama?

Yes. But systematically. Mwenye nadai next ndio anatoa nguo but wa trouser were just removing pants hawakuwa fully nude then wanavaa after I’m done with them. Ilikuwa tu one rotation

Wueh kumbe lanye hukubali threesome na foursome etc…lazima niweke hii experience Kwa new year resolutions


Ungekua lodgo ingine wangekuibia urudi home na boxer

hii inakaa hekaya ya jaba.

Its greed (Mukoroko)

Malaya aliniambia mimi ni malaya nikaacha umalaya for 2 months :smiley:

kijana inakaa ndio umemaliza campus…Avoid lanyes … Lanye achia elders kama sisi

Ulijiona Champ but that means you paid a K for a shot. Which you didn’t even Nut so technically it’s not even a shot.
But am glad ulishasepa hayo Mambo. I have in some of the bad days fuakd 3 lanyes in a day Hadi Yule WA tatu anaanza kuComplain that Ur not nuting.
Cz Ur drained plus the akoho.