Over 70,000 may have died in China floods. CCP govt says only 33 have died.

Rough estimates indicate that the dead could even be over 100k but have conservatively put the figure around 70k.

In the flooded Zhengzou tunnel alone there were 6,300 human beings trapped in cars with windows up. The CCP govt of course blocked the scene and the bodies were pulled out at night. Western media which is pro China supports the CCP propaganda.

Ktalk NIS agents kujeni mkunie thread uwanja ni wenu. :D:D




So why believe the peddled 70,000 figure and not the official 33 figure…
Seem all have been pulled from some anus

Hata hio 70k bado ni kidogo. 40% of China is flooded. The figure could even be much much higher.

Last year CCP said that only about 4600 chinese died from Covid. Chinese analysts chini ya maji reported that 21 million mobile phone subscribers had suddenly stopped using their phones within three months…

And Chinese rely on mobile phones for nearly everything.

CCP govt has now blocked such figures from being released.


you cannot cover such massive death figure of 21 million…
that is total deaths for the whole world in world war 1 …
kuwanga serious nanii


There are 1.4 billion Chinese in China.

the population of the world in 1918 was 1.8 billion.

So? Hio inaguzana na Chinese floods kiaje?

mbona io world war 1 na hakukuwa na hizi cameras na simu evidence imejaa archives.
leta mbicha ya watu mia kwa hao 21 millions …sitaitisha wengi

About 4000 Kenyans have died from covid. Hebu enda mbagathi ama KU hospital upige picha za covid maiti ulete.

Weather warfare, Us promised to hit back.

Pro-China Biden promised to hit back? When was this?


How is Trump sending floods to China from his golf course in Mar a lago?

corona is a scum in the first place

The guys at Epoch Times have massive balls of steel to publish these kinds of stories which the world needs to know about the CCP.

70,000 dead Chingchongs is like 0.00004% of the Chinese population. Its negligible

Niaje [COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]@petco

Chinese are too many. Nature should cull them