Outsourced developments

As a diaspora, with little knowledge about the on-going developments in kenya. I’m wondering how many development projects (if any) such as roads, bridges, ports etc are outsourced to foreign companies?

I think Development of all of the major trunk roads are outsourced to the Chinese and they are doing a splendid Job so far


Ugenya is still in kenya,

[SIZE=2](despite sharing phonetics with Uganda and Kenya)[/SIZE]


The current government has

The current government has tried to digitise and publicise their transactions for everyone to see…ni venye most Kenyans hawapendi kushugulika complaining ndio mingi visit http://supplier.treasury.go.ke/site/tenders.go/index.php/public/contracts and familiarise urself.

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Really? Sounds good, Can’t wait to go kenya and see.
However, by doing so, does that not limit the kenyan engineering companies and Kenyan engineers.

No way, Thanks!

Chinese are doing substandard work… hapa PESA inamwagwa kumwagwa, nowadays people mention of a missing billion like it’s a few thousands

Better than akina Nyoro Construction, T.M.A.M na zile za Wahindi that do an extremely shoddy job or no job at all.


Hiyo pesa sio ya mamako bwana…

As a diaspora???

Its the.only way to ensure construction is completed on time, hawa wakenya wetu wanajenga 1km in one year saa hizo china wu yi washafanya half of thika road.

good example is the Road leading into Thika Town, it has been going on forever, do not know if they have finished it… alafu when one talks about Kenyan constructors we automatically remember the dark days of Kirinyaga Construction Company, phewks we were trully shafted

They finally tarmacked it, if there was a bridge somewhere along that stretch ingemalizwa 2020. Kenyan contractors ni kazi bure, mabillionares wa kijiji should invest in that sector compe iko down chaka

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Excuse my ignorance, but what’s happening to the kenya engineers, I mean the student graduates? Or is engineering not a popular course in kenya?