Our top currency earner is tourism

my foot.

For particular what purposes do we need to maintain a national park outside our capital, a park filled up with genetic corrupted fauna due to inbreeding due to lack of migration?
Nairobi is home to millions, mostly economic fugees but also imported votes from kwa akina nanii…
90% of these end up living in crammed ghettos sprawling the now shitty but once a beautiful organised city.
And due to ignorance amongst our people, we hold a very corrupted lest confused view of akina → angalia hawa, something seen as pragmatic.

Who in their right mind, chooses to show his visiting guests, mbolea, choo, ailing mother, unpaid bills, vumbi chini ya kitanda etc?
Don’t you send your child to fetch milk and sugar so that you can properly host your guests?
So, AND AGAIN, why pile up my country men women and children in kevera and all other ghettos sprawling the shitty while there is a huge chunck that can offer proper decongestation?
Ati we can’t because of tourism…?
where art thou? siwaoni


Shit hole.

Kenya is a fucking shithole. We need agriculture to save this fucking country na hio ni kitu Jubilee administration haioni

For sustainable development, agriculture should be at the helm

My query was NOT on a prefferable mode of earning currency!:rolleyes:

Kenya is a beautiful place with enomous potential, but being world champions in ignorance, hatuoni.

shamba za national park ni za Queen. KWS holds them as a trustee. Anyone at lands can confirm that

Exactly my point!! Thank you for raising that!
Presidents - past and present | WWF

Hii argument yako ni ya upus. As long as there are individuals owning thousands of acres of land, the national park shouldn’t be touched. That logic can be used to grab any piece of public land.

Individual owenership is NOT a new thing nor is it limited to Kenya.
To whose benefit does the Nairobi National Park exist?

So we turn Nairobi National Park into a sprawling concrete jungle because we do not benefit as much as we should? Then after that si itakua Ngong forest, then Karura then Uhuru park and every green patch of land?

That isnt a slippery slope, it is a bottomless pit

If for nothing else, the National Park helps to clean the toxic Nairobi air. Hatutaki watu wanafikiria kama Bolsonaro wa Brazil.

Hata Aberderes si unaona wanataka kupitisha barabara katikati… Halafu mnalia hapa watu watoke Mau when every arable land around Nairobi is being converted into a concrete jungle!

Let’s borrow a lesson from what’s happening in Australia!!

@Mr Black @IsMundu

Ndio nimesikia maoni yenyu ya busara na nimeshukuru.
Ingawaje katika pembejeo langu la awali, nilijumuisha takwimu juu ya idadi ya watalii kwa kila taifa duniani kwa muda wa miaka.

Kwa hivyo tena, suala langu kuu ni kwamba Kenya inahitaji kuamini kuwa ni maadili kwa madhumuni ya kuongeza uzalishaji, ama kwa kimombo, production maximisation.
Please, find time to review the youtube video and ask yourself, is tourism our main income earner and are we as a nation honestly a beneficiary of this industry and at what costs?
Secondly, 2 years ago, November of 2018, prez Uhuru was all smiles as he rejoiced at Kenya reaching a 2 million visitors p/a mark.

Now, this is my contention…Tourism industry in Kenya is over a hundred years old. Extremely wealthy westerners used to flock this land for savage trophy hunting, they still do…(lakini hamusikii former King Juan Carlos of Spain et al spend their winters in Kenya), save the thought for a later discussion.
With all the natural gifts in flora and fauna, Kenya HAS IT ALL AND IS TRULLY AN ENVY FOR MANY! Yet, we over the moon on having reached a measely 2mil visitors mark??

Thailand, a nation of almost similar size to Kenya, with a tourist industry almost 45 years YOUNGER THAN Kenya, was registered biting their nails on not realising the set goal of 28 milliion visitors per annum, that is 26 million MORE VISITORS than Kenya!
Thailand offers beautiful beaches BUT so do we, Kenya infact offers more as our deep sea fishing of the blue Marlin, Sword fish is unrivalled ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD!
We also offer huge estates in national parks with wildlife, we offer snow capped mount Kenya, and many many more other incentives in this industry, but we celebrating a 2 mil mark when our people are langushing in ghettos??
The greatest asset Kenya has is it’s human capital, time is ripe we started celebrating mama mbogas and githeri githurai.

Hyenas are a mennace to many Kenyans, waulize wakaaji wa Dagoretti watakueleza. Yes, there was a documentary on the Euro Discovery on this particular issue, but WWF complained and you can never see this video anywhere because it does not serve them their purpose!
My point is, we need to revise the Tourism industry in Kenya. The victorian package we sell to wealthy westerners is not sustainable. Only a handful in the west would commit their resources to come to a very expensive victorian package in Kenya, a victorian packege which is as allien to them as Kenya is.

Very valid points, we however don’t have to rob John to pay Peter! Policy (and subsequent execution) can be crafted to come up with a package (a coterie of them actually) that borrow from elsewhere while still maintaining those features that make us unique.

It’s high time Kenya went for back packers, hii "out of Africa/kitchen toto Ndarameya haichangi pesa.back packers pay a fraction, but they come in droves! That is what is needed.
And while at it, Utalii college should have it’s headquaters in Kajiado or Lamu.

all you geniuses in nairobi voted for sonko juu mlidhani mnaonyesha wakubwa kidole cha kati, Eat your tomatoes