Our problem are bad manners, lack of work ethics and law enforcement

Kenyans contractors do shoddy job, ever wondered why? Why is it that 50 yrs after independence we still depend on Chinese, Americans, Japanese and others to construct for us roads such as Ngong road, bridges, expressway and others. Why are they the one that construct for us tall buildings, power stations and transmission cables? Does it mean Kenyan engineers, doctors and other technical people are not SMART and QUALIFIED as them. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is we have the best of the best minds we can think of in Africa and even the world.
The only problem that lets us down is lethargic work culture and manners. In Kenya people like to cut corners with the main aim of making money. Give Kenyan contractors a road to built and they will make sure they use NOT the recommended materials and hire the unqualified personnel or the people who they know and not necessarily effective in order to reduce cost and make more money out of it. The end result will be a deficient road that take ages to complete and is full of potholes and cracks before its finished. This issue can be addressed by having tough penalties for the firms that do so…maybe by blacklisting them completely from not taking part in future govt contracts and even private sector contracts…but in reality we know in Kenya laws are never enforced…because guys/firms that win such contracts are normally related to those in power and these habits when thus encouraged(due to lack of law enforcement) perpetuate and then becomes the normal culture of the nation…which we become used to mediocrity. The time Kenya shall get a leader who shall see this problem and acknowledge its reality and existence and choose to deal with this issue ruthlessly …i can assure you it wont take more than 20 years for Kenya to become an industrialized nation.

Ask yourself why was a unknown company awarded a tender to maintain a good road of Thika superhighway and this firm has done such a shoddy job and even made the road a laughing stock yet no action has been taken against the company. You want to tell me even the president, deputy president and other ministers do not pass through the Thika road and they do not clearly see the obvious shoddy work done on once beautiful road?

Daktari anadinya wagonjwa,wajenzi wana cut corners and ending up with funny looking buildings,barabara ikijengwa na shiny eye unapewa nusu yake,hio ingine mjipange,mkiamua ni dam au daraja mtajenga ,ole wako ka hujui kuswim. We do have good contractors but they are fcuking greedy,squeezing every coin to their profit

Only recolonization will save the negroid from himuselufu

Sad state of affairs

Kenyan contractors have to bribe governmetn officials to get a tender and you expect them to do a good job. The Chinese and other foreign contractors also pay big bribes to the government to get those contracts. The problem here is government officials they have turned the rest of us into criminals so that we can do our jobs

We are our own greatest enemy