Our new CJ is Martha Koome

Ata hiyo possession, hakuna. It doesn’t happen.
Kama ukona real case imewahi fanyika hivyo hapa Kenya, leta evidence tuchambue.

Meru women are making it big. CJ and Governor of Nairobi. Damn it’s been a good run. Lemme call my mother and tell her the good news though I hope she wasn’t chosen so that she can be a push over.

Legally , I don’t think it can be challenged. It is not illegal.

Wewe ni kama ulikuwa na leakage mwaga mtama

No leakage at all but I could tell she clearly beat her (especially male) counterparts hands down.
I like her too. We need more strong ladies like her in high places.

she is not CJ yet. She has just been recommended for that slot. She has got to go through vetting in Parliament.

akina @Rodger Smith na @Kahuni Maisha :D:D

She is done with the hardest part.

Haya, sasa tuweke mama kwa kiti cha Rais wa Jamhuri ya Kenya.

Any strong candidates?

Ndugu zetu kule bongo have done it and mama wa taifa has already signed a mega oil pipeline deal.

I envy TZ. They’ll be developing as we chapa siasa non stop for the next 18 months.

They have started coming up with new theories ati ‘oh Ngatia was only meant to deflect Ouko’ and other stupid excuses. Maghaseer hao.

But all in all, Koome is slightly a compromise candidate. Another one would have been Chitembwe. I will give a her a benefit of doubt. Maybe she will perform well.

i like Martha Koome from her rulings her jurisprudence is Conservative, prolife , anti-homosexuals. she recognizes the man as the head of the family.

so as misogynists’, patriarchs we are safe

Wacha wivu Mami. Women are making it big, let’s celebrate them. There’s too many men in judiciary we need women in all positions. Don’t join self hating women like @Purple who hates Kamala just coz she’s a woman. She has broken the glass ceiling and may God be with her bcz she’s a woman of faith. A daughter of the most high God. Remember that Kenya is 80% plus Christian, we always pray to get godly leaders. This time it was a woman. Like last time where the church prayed against atheists and moslem like Mutunga, the trend will be godly folk and Christians in positions of power and influence.

chitembwe ilikuwa ngumu especially him being a muslim. Ouko was a person who was in a position of leadership in the judiciary when we had the worst corruption in the system thus ikamtoa, Ngatia naye the fact that he was too close to the president mpaka ali contribute kwa campaign and his firm despite the billions they make has only four lawyers ilimtoa , bila handshake Ngatia angepewa .

i would love to see the JSC individual votes.

@dingoo_wa_ingoo leta hii leaked info tunajua uko na moles huko ndai

I agree. If we had women leaders in more positions of power Kenya would be much better.

[SIZE=6]I think she got it on merit not because she is a woman. But do learned Meru women know to control temper ama nikama Hawa wengine. [/SIZE]

I am curious. Who is a woman of faith? Kamala Harris ama Martha Koome?

But hate him or not, Mutunga was the best CJ Kenya has had since Chunilal Bhagwandas Madan.

Yes she got it on merit. Most definitely and being a woman is a contributing factor not a liability. Actually Meru men have the bad temper not the women.

Most likely ametahili.



Congratulations to Justice Koome on this much coveted and fiercely contested achievement. She earned it.