Our new CJ is Martha Koome

Meaning DCJ and CJ are female. Can this be challenged?

Zile ghaseer za Ngatia wakuje watuambie kuliendaje?

This time washikane na njoki ndungu mtakatwa makende

I told you guys.

Why should it be challenged.
They are both Kenyans.

“The Judiciary is now firmly run by females - acting CJ (Philomena Mwilu); Vice Chair JSC (Olive Mugenda); acting President Court of Appeal (Wanjiru Karanja); Principal Judge, High Court ( Lydia Achode ); Principal Judge, ELRC, (Maureen Onyango); Judiciary Chief Registrar (Anne Amadi); Registrar, High Court (Judy Omange); Registrar Supreme Court (Esther Nyaiyaki); Registrar JSC (Frida Mokaya).” -The Star Newspaper

We are giving to much power to women cj cck kbl

Siwezi lipa more than 200 kwa CJ

I like that. They deserve it and they are equally qualified.


I’m happy to be wrong

Hence very easy to intimidate

Hiyo ya MM ni mnyambo ya foooder. It was quite a legal ruling.
Kenya is ripe for a female CJ.

@Azor Ahai kuja hapa na usome hapo chini. This has always been the case in Kenyan courts.


All NGO-type women are promiscuous, was she any different?

:D:D:D that was such an unexpected comment I had to laugh. Pia wewe hufungua threads kama hizi kuzisoma?

Rudi kwa hiyo thread and read it carefully. Inakaa hukuelewa hata what we were discussing in that thread. I asked about a very unique situation, and I asked about possession, not ownership.

why are feminazies celebrating

Where, who will listen to you when you are trying to oppress female who are extremely oppressed.??

Uhuru henchmen planted Ngatia in the Interviews in order to deny Justice Ouko, a Luo, the position. By pitting Ngatia against Ouko, the public missed the game that was being played. Because appointing a Kikuyu could have been controversial, Koome, a meru and politically palatable, was the designated all along