Our lives changes as a result of mobile devices


vidole zinauma

:smiley: babies love these gadgets

gene mutations

I pity this generation… Gone are the days when kids used to go out to play… Parents work their asses off so that they can get their children these gadgets…

Ukienda family gathering they be like, aunty phone yako ikona game…? It’s worse when they are specific… Others don’t even ask, they just take your phone… Others keep ogling to see as you swipe… My goodness…!

These gadgets are more of using us… Sad reality.

Buy them bikes, balls, skates, hula hoop etc kids will be kids they will figure out how to play.

Hahaha… They’ll find all that boring once they land their hands on a phone or any other gadget

Let us not lie to each other. Phones are not the issue. Kitambo people used to read newspapers instead of phones. There is a reason they were the first places to be opened in the morning and why most are found around bus stations and stages. People just don’t want to talk to each other anymore and I cannot complain. I don’t need anybody starting a conversation with me about nothing in the car or train even if you are offering me 10M for free.

Nyumbani watu wananyamaziana

Lo and behold, a generation of young people with forward head posture (FHP).
I’m starting to believe the evolution joke where man starts the journey back to walking on all fours.

We shall not allow ours to get anywhere near those gadgets save for watching the cartoons(strictly the certified ones)…I am working hard to build our home in a big farm where they can play with sand,soil,flower,hide and seek name them.We would rather wash dirty clothes than deal with some addictive child behaviours ama namna gani (wink wink)

As you said people would be around the newspaper stands early in the mornings just to be upto speed with the news and it was just for a few minutes then they go back to whatever they were doing unlike today where people are glued to their phones from the time they wake up till they go back to sleep. Its only a few people who used to buy those news papers daily back in the day and also not so many kids would skip playing bano, kati or makanye (football made of polythene) to read a newspaper. All this new stuff like mobile phones, SMS, Facebook, Twitter etc, was not there.


[SIZE=7]France bans children under 15 from using phones in school[/SIZE]

Kwanza wewe you’re an addict ,you used to login using two handles hadi unaji changanya

Mimi nikikosa internet kichwa inaruka ,macho zimeharibika which gives me constant headaches.

Handle gani ingine mkubwa…but hii shosho media ni tafash…ukiona mtoto anaifuatilia sana weka jicho kali…Inakaa pia huyu mrembo ako slow leo.Hakushikanisha theme ya hii message


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