Our leaders are pathetic.

Well, instead of dealing with Alshabab for killing teachers, they think pulling out all teachers out is the solution. What kinda message will that send to our enemies? Don’t you guys think Kenya is too soft? Am sure I what they are doing they do it to Uganda, the Somali population in the country would pay for it dearly.

Uganda ilishindwa na Kony Al-shabaab ndio itaweza?? You people hujidharau sana.

All Shabaab are an amorphous group. You can’t tell them apart from the rest of the population. The same way Museveni’s bonobo soldiers couldn’t tell Kony’s soldiers from the general population. Kudeal na Al Shabaab is more challenging than you think unless you don’t mind a genocide and the ICC.

Our leaders are corrupt, but even if they weren’t we would still have a tough time dealing with Al Shabaab. Not with the current crop of D- materials and 1920s equipment.

One thing to note tho all our leaders are v corrupt. Those planning to run for whatever seat are thieves, and the others are planning to run to protect the stolen loot.
And by the way terrorists are a threat all over the world.

True. Just minutes ago cheki venye wamefanya…

It’s easy and I know someone can solve the problem. Mini genocide, forced disappearance, curfews, detainments and constant harassment. Someone should make sure the Somali population doesn’t have peace. If an incident happens wanaona moto.

I am pretty sure someone is always aware of what is about to go down and warns others. In future am sure they would report anyone planning something. Why not report crime when you know if you don’t your son or daughter might vanish?

Look at what Rodrigo Duterte did to drug dealers in Philippines? He took out evil in his country and showed the world the middle finger. The world might hate him but the country is reaping the benefits of his ruthless actions.

You have spent too much time watching DJ Afro movies and listening to mogoka stories.

No. I have spent much time reading and doing research.

that stupid community doesn’t want dark skin people in their area …full stop

Most of them are dark skin. What do you mean? Maybe useme nywele ngumu, but skin, most of them are darker than you.

yes i meant nywele ngumu …non locals

The last few cases of teacher attacks were a result of their own colleagues setting them up.Now, how do you help such a community where they know alshabab but are not cooperating with the state…wacha wenyewe wajitegemee

I have always said that alkebabs in wewe na mimi. Come z these guys can not operate in a vacuum. They live with us and we know them. The sad thing is that we do not care about others getting harmed as long as we are ‘safe’.
Imagine yule mwizi wa kukukwenu ocha or the druggie in the estate everyone knew and said nothing about. Till the day he stole ya mum’s chicken or nguo kwa line spate fix…y’all shouted about insecurity et al.
That’s the situation in that area regarding alkebabs. The day they start killing locals,ndio utajua they have always know who and who is a member.

Its local scuffles hakuna alshabab

Let them be taught by their own. These fellows do not value living in peace. How do they support their own killing and maiming innocent women and children? And they call themselves men yet they are the most cowardly and twisted pigs. Actually calling them pigs is an insult to the pigs.