Our KenyaTalk Sweetheart: Mejja ametunyang'anya Bianca

Let’s admit it, we love her, we like talking about her…Some of us see her regularly and then come and bash her on this platform. We secretly wish she wasn’t a prostitute so we can have her for ourselves and when we go see her for services, we treat her like a lover. She’s exactly the kind of girl we want. But we give a fuck, Mejja doesn’t (of course ashachanuliwa na watu)[ATTACH=full]356852[/ATTACH]

All I see ni chockosh wawili.

Who is this???

Sijui ni nani and I most certainly don’t want her. Good for Mejja, kila nyani na starehe zake.

I think I’m getting old because I have no idea who this woman is.

Matiti nazo ni kubwa kuliko ata za @poyoloko

Be nice!!

Huwa unanyonga na vitu zinakaa ivo mjamaa??

Hehehe malisa hio mende ya choo. Ongeza ile ngiri ingine @kush yule mnono kwa hio list hapo

Hio kiherehere yako ndio ilifanya upigwe kama nyani juzi

Ebu kwanza niambie mtu hupaka nini anaacha kuswell

Ktalk young boys, this lady was first discussed in Kenyan list back in the day more than 10 years ago. So figure it out.

I for one met her in Mombasa when she was still young in 2009. She is a lot beautiful in person 9/10. She has gained weight well. In 2011-12 she was all over Kenyan list as I think she moved here to Nairobi. I have just being laughing seeing her since.

Mejja ni Captain Save a Hoe, so I’m not surprised about this report.

i used to fuckk her every friday in 2011 when she worked in that brothel on ngong road

Wanakijijis favorite woman

2009? waah she miust be kitu 40 now

Without photos and videos, hii yako ni Mnyambo wa punda

One has a big bust , mwingine ni mimba ya mwezi kama 3 hivi

:D:D:D:D:D Don’t know why I am laughing. But this sounds v savage.

Haha, it was in response to this