Our KDF in pictures

Ka TBT kidogo. Back when the BAC strikemasters were a part of Kenya’s fleet before being sold to Botswana


Hizi ndio zingekuwa perfect kudeal na hawa al-kebabs. Low cost strike-bombers/trainers. Apparently airworthiness issues had them grounded. @bjurmann hizi beauty ziko wapi?


Amoured Fighting Vehicle Transporter ya Transport Corps. Cheki huyo mbeast hapo nyuma


120mm artillery piece. Rain fire on you ukileta nyoko nyoko


The new trainers, Grob 120 when pilots had gone for familiarisation at the manufacturers base

Kuna ile ng’ombe ilinitag ati KDF wametoka nje ya base kudeal na rioters. Hiyo ilikuwa perimetre wall ya Moi Air Base na it’s the duty of Defence Forces Constabularies to deal with threats to the security of defense installations. Nimependa huyo shepart


Hapa tunaona akina @imei2012 wakiwa training pale Marigat



Yankee One Two. Punda ya KAF


Hapa tunaona KNS Nyayo, KNS Umoja HMS Monmouth


Hapa tunamuona @kiLo- alikuwa anachukua slices kutoka kwa FP akaskia mlango imeguswa. Anachungulia kuona kama ni Purr amerudi kutoka kesha


does Kenya Navy have a submarine ?

Not yet. Those things are expensive to procure and operate. And also, in our current setting, having one would be useless. Za SA zinamea kutu

Ndege gani hiyo inelala kwa upande?

The same one. BAE Hawk

Boss there was talk of upgrading our MBTs, from the vickers to something more modern, unajua tumefika wapi on that?

Rumours were Merkava zililand, kafanyiwa testing na ikakubaliwa. Kile imebaki ni mbisha

Alafu pia ile story ya T-72 bado haijaisha

Werethose actually meant for kdf, upto date nilikuwa najua zilienda South Sudan, zimeonekana in action Somalia hivi?

The soldiers patrolling the perimeter fence were quite an attraction back in 1981 when we lived next to MAB. The Soldier on foot would be accompanied by a siren blaring vehicle round the fence. Memories

How many fighter jets does KAF have?

And about the kikosi ya kuokoa for example a pilot who has ejected(sjui kama this is the right word),from a jet formed afew weeks ago,ni special forces ama?

Ask yourself this. Where will the S.Sudanese get the manpower to man and maintain 110 sophisticated equipment considering there has not been a training program for such?

Also why buy that many tanks and forget cover from choppers?

110 tanks can support a huge number of infantry and since they are fast moving, where are the vehicles to ferry the infantry?

20-25 F-5 E/F/M
7 Bae Hawk though reports are they are retired

Hiyo ni gani sijaskia?

Ile najua ya search and rescue has been around since 2012 though with those guys I may be misinformed. @imei2012 saidia hapa

Normally combat search and rescue units are special ops or special ops capable

what are we talking about here? English please

Saw two-three weeks ago in Nanyuki sjui ni launch ama nini ya yenyewe and Godec was in attendance.think the USA will be training them or something

MBT = Main Battle Tank

This term evolved wakati wa cold war to mean one tank that can do several roles that several different tanks had to do during WW2

Hizi ni mzito and are deployed slowly ama by transporters as above.

Kuna light tanks ambazo zinaweza tumika na light fast moving forces kama reconnaisance, spec ops ama wale wamespecialise na hit and run. Hizi hata zinadropiwa na parachute

e.g US army MBT ni M1 Abrams na light tank ilikuwa M551 Sheridan of which role yake imechukuliwa na Stryker

Vickers ndio manufacturers wa MBT Kenya na Nigeria wanafield

Nimeipata. Ni training program ya USAF, KDF na UPDF lakini unit yenyewe imekuwa for some time


It seems time stood still as far as procurement of aircraft and expansion of the air force is concerned ! Kenya only has one squadron ?

I think in Kenya a squadron has 12, so those are two!