Our girls are whores:A tale of black Diamond

That website has other women doing the same thing. I don’t believe she was forced to do this act. She most likely consented to it, but will deny it anyway because people back home have seen the video.

I’d really like to see the beginning. She doesn’t look like someone who is oppressed. Manicured nails and all that.

This is a fetish website and she probably got paid good money to showcase her deepthroating skills. DFHKMdomoBH.


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Damn those white nincompoops! Msichana wa wenyewe si atachoke. Maybe that’s how they’ll eventually murder her. Interpol wakipata those guys, they should bring them to Nyayo house for correction.

Check out this link. This is not forced.



Unicorn kuja hapa uone hii clip,very disgusting.

Delete that clip!!!please!!!

Not to play the tribal card but where in Kenya is she from?

You may be right. Not everyone is in to soft acts. I go to craiglist and the kind of fetishes people have are out of this world.

Most whites start having sex at an early age and by the time they are in their 20s majority have done it all and that’s why some go to the heights which makes our African selves shiver.

My friends nimewekewa mchele wakabeba kila kitu. Was busy replacing all electronics to same model. My SO was on some sojourn.

utalijua jiji lakini

Next time beba soup

Next time wekwa pombe na drip.

niliwekewa mchele huko early this year

black diamond?


bad memories?

black diamond nimeibiwa mara mob in my younger days

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It is not about starting sex early, to me these are perverted minds at play here

The video is absolutely gross. Sa si wanaume huku si wapoa. Kama wa US ndio wapoa ni sawa.

from your comments I have decided not to watch the clip…let me spare my mind the agony

The video is inhumane