Our Free and Glorious Media; the Example of NMG

(Lady Gay Will Neffa Treat Kaswende)…


^^Actually, its not a rant. It is a criticsm of an article, but anyway, it’s a free country @Mjuaji.




Do we take some people back to kindergarten?
844 I now believe was fu*ked up


She’s overrated. Somad with her and I can’t believe she can write this shit honestly. RIP NMG credibility


hehe wanaiita reinvention.


A rant is a rant no matter how you dress it.

Uhuru will be unfazed. He has overcome much bigger things and any attention toward Milliemouth would only grant her more space. The insults were intended to provoke and raise temperatures, but Kenyans have become too sober to fall for that kind of trickery. Storming IEBC did not work, nither will pysically blockading Parliament.

Interestingly, the ‘IEBC must go’ initiative was intended to refresh the oversight of the electoral process, and there was urgency since polls will not be postponed for anybody. Aren’t the ODM fools losing more time by reneging on things their team agreed, and by sabotaging legislative progress?

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I have waited for something about the supposed plot to bring back the mlolongo system… idk but it feels like JP are scared and not in unison completely.

Quadrey unasumbua Sheppart yangu kwa thread serious.

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they are setting the country up for a crisis post-August, 2017…

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I say…let them try!

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:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D QUADREY nipatie hio shepart ikamuliwe na hizi zangu corabreshn zizae peacock


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Stupid mzee, Wazee wa rika yako wanaenjoy retirement polepole wakikula mali yao na wewe kazi nikusumbua tu huku online.

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^^^^brilliant comment. Your parents would be proud!

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Wish Matiang’i was education minister in the 90s
Hawa vitukuu wangejua tunaongea nini


wazeee ingieni retirement home muwache kutusumbua na stories za WW1 .

Wah na vile hizi polls inashow tuko wachache undecided. I feel like the number is way higher…

God is good I’ve seen all Kenyan presidents, before you point a finger uliza maswali.
Watoto wako wakasema nini?

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Anko you are a role model, achana na politics and stick to momo