Our forefathers were caught lacking by white man

I’m always asking myself how our forefathers were caught lacking by the white man to an extent of forming a colonial government and rule over them with brutal force by Ordnance.

When the first police station was constructed they didn’t do anything to stop it. When the first parliament was constructed obviously a ramshackle they didn’t do anything to a fully fledged government.

I wonder how a whole generation of Africans were colonised. Land taken from them, children separated from their parents, death from starvation and disease in the reserves, suffering from exposure and dysentery and the sheer chaos and uncertainty of the whole odeal.

It appears They stopped teaching Kenyan history in primary schools.

[SIZE=6]Only Africans don’t know their history…amkeni…[/SIZE]

@gikuyu you should know that Africa was invaded by governments… That alone should tell you it was well planned…the colonisers studied us before anything else …alafu it’s sad hujui history yenyu…Anza hapa and read more…acha kuaibisha kijiji


to prove this to you …I looked for a video explaining how Egypt was invaded…it’s always the same tactic…


If you don’t know how it was done, then you are too stupid to understand it even now.


Guns can be very persuasive and records map out the vital groups to hit, there’s a good reason missionaries preceded the soldiers… intelligence led operations

You mean, lacking:being caught by the enemy without a weapon to defend yourself not lurking:remaining hidden so as to wait in ambush otherwise bazungu wangekula pembe za antelopes up their nethers


You are so stupid and juvenile. If you have noticed I don’t understand the gentleman ways is to educate me

Read about the scramble and partition of Africa.

On one hand you have well-organized and financed armies with guns.

On the other hand you have illiterate bonobos with spears, who are highly divided.

Our forefathers were no match for the British. It is that simple.

I know it was invaded by governments. But the white governments didn’t show up immediately and set up the legal Systems immediately. I’m saying when they saw the first police post being set up, then they should have acted. The government and legal system was a gradual process and that’s why I’m saying they were caught lacking

Further to this, mercantilism was the way of the world at the time, meaning economies were largely agricultural, so for an economy to grow, they had to conquer new territory. So EVERYWHERE there were warring tribes. Watu wasione ati mzungu alikuja na vita while other communities were peaceful. We were all fighting during that era. Mzungu just had the best fighting technology in the world, so they conquered it, that’s all. Even today, you can say majority of the mzungu power comes from the fact that the US has the most sophisticated military in human history

Done what exactly? What could bonobos wielding spears and shields have done against mzungus wielding guns and cannons?

If you go to an unrestricted forest full of wild animals, you can built makeshift structures and infrastructure and the wild animals and particularly the monkeys and other primates would watch you with intense curiosity not understanding what you are doing. They will only learn what you were upto years later when they realise they have been displaced.

Hata hao MaBritish were caught lacking by the Romans. The difference is that after hundreds of years of being colonized they built upon the knowledge and infrastructure they were left with and became the colonizers themselves.

Good perspective

This isn’t true…in fact its a gross oversimplification of history.

Trickery and treachery were two tactics employed by colonialists. Africa was a vast space where tribes could be lonely due to the vast distances separating them in most instances. Tribes were relatively small, and could exist for many years before encountering other tribes. As a consequence, when tribes met, the first instinct was to form friendships and alliances to increase their numbers, which increased their chances of survival. This explains the practice of assimilation of smaller groups by larger groups. Conflicts happened only when one group felt threatened by the other in terms of competition for resources.

The explorers and missionaries were treated with hospitality by the groups they encountered. Their survival created a path for subsequent migrations and eventually the gun wielding pirates who created colonies. If the first explorers and missionaries had been extinguished, they would have had no way of communicating back home to encourage more trips to Africa.
If the White man had settled like everyone else without massacring other tribes, he would have become like any another tribe.


When Britain invaded Kenya, the total GDP of the imperial empire was 40% of global GDP. Kenya’s GDP at the time was 0.00000…1% of global GDP. Even the US is not that strong today. It controls about 16% of global GDP and falling. Now imagine a country three times as strong as the US invading the small backwater of Vanuatu. No matter what they do or how intelligent they are, they would still lose. It’s a miracle than we even won.

It shows the exceptional willpower of those uneducated Kikuyu ancestors who had no access to the world or books and were not in contact with anyone outside Kenya but they knew and felt what was going on was wrong.

It’s easy to be cynical about what we achieved but really did achieve something great.

Britain’s success as a colonizing power has more to do with its geography, its religious history and its pursuit of academics more than being conquered by Romans.

By the time that the Romans fell, it was really a divided, largely irrelevant island. In fact, France had more to do with Britain’s rise than anyone else.

Clearly you did not understand what the guy is saying. When the Romans invaded Britain, in BCs, how strong was their education system. I think you are talking about 1600s and beyond