Our Economy is not in a bad shape compared to Tanzania and uganda

Our economy And standard of living in the region not so bad.
We are the east Africa America, yaani we have problem with illegal immigrants who run from there shit holes to our paradise, we should be proud of our home though shitty hata usa people some of them feel so much excluded in their country. Kila mahali Kuna issues but Kenya not so bad find a Ugandan perception of us you will get surprised Uh

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Tell them pris…


But here is where we are as a nation…

We we we us us us. Bruv, its you. Tell a person in Kibera who skipped lunch about Kenya being better atashindwa ni nini unaongelea. Hakunaga mambo ya “we” hii dunia gathee. Ni wewe binafsi na pesa yako na maisha yako. You can be balling like crazy while your friends are suffering and vice versa.

In the end, you are utterly and entirely alone. Ni wewe na pesa zako na family yako. “We” does not exist.


Very true words. There are thousands of poor Nigerians fleeing their country to wherever but oil birrioneas like Dangote are living big.


Tulianza kujipima na wanyonge lini bana? Si nilidhani sisi ni powerhouse huku Africa mzima?

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