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Family Demands Justice After One-Year-Old Dies in Police Cell

A family in Makueni County is demanding justice after their one-and-a-half-year-old child passed away in Kambu Police Station, Makueni County.

Speaking to journalists, the mother of the deceased explained that she had been arrested after a business deal went awry.

However, she elaborated that while being arrested on Wednesday she requested the officer some time to pick up her child’s medicine, a request that the officer denied.

The mother detailed that she had got the medicine for the child the previous night after he fell ill.

She also stated that she was denied the chance to take the child to the hospital upon requesting the officers at the station.

The mother also added that while in the police cells, she was physically assaulted by her being slapped severely.

According to the child’s mother, her child bore the brunt of some of the slaps as they landed on him while he was strapped on her back.

Her narration of events revealed that once she confirmed that the child had lost his life after the altercation, the police released her and forced her out in the dead of the night.

“When I revealed to him that the child had passed on, he forced me out of the station and stated that he would call the OCS who had instructed that I should remain locked in,” she explained.

However, an autopsy is yet to be conducted to determine the cause of death for the child.

A similar mystery death of a suspect in the police cells was witnessed at the Kikopey Police Station, on Tuesday, March 12.

It was reported that the residents of Kikopey allegedly received an autopsy report stating that the suspect died from strangulation.

This prompted them to storm and torch the police station, seeking to avenge the loss of their kin.

In a viral video that made rounds on social media, one man was spotted beating up a police officer by raining blows and kicking him.

A police report obtained by Kenyans.co.ke has revealed that the officer had attempted to stop the motorist from making a wrong U-turn and obscuring traffic.

However, he hit a curb and stopped, giving the officer an opportunity to enter the vehicle and direct the driver to the police station.

The motorist, however, drove off for a short distance before unleashing a sword from under his seat forcing the police officer out of the vehicle.

The motorist then continued his assault on the police officer, beating him to a pulp until the officer landed in a ditch.

He was later rescued by the public along the road and taken to a health facility nearby.

However, the Police have reported that he was transferred to Mama Lucy Hospital for further treatment.

The main suspect in the 8:00 am incident is yet to be arrested and is still at large. However, one accomplice was arrested and is aiding the police in investigations.

Incidentally, cases of police officers being assaulted and even killed in some cases are not new.

On April 29, a female police officer was on the receiving end of a brutal assault at the hands of her colleague at Gongoni Police Station in Kilifi County.

It was reported that the officer had requested her colleague to hand her a file, which he declined and resulted in him descending on her with blows and slaps.

The female police officer sustained injuries on her face, particularly her lower jaw.

Copied to clipboard

Police in Kirinyaga County have launched a manhunt after a Ugandan national escaped from Kiamaciri Police Station.

The suspect had been arrested for allegedly killing a woman in a home where he worked as a farm boy in November last year.

Two police officers have, as a result, been arrested for reportedly aiding the suspect’s escape as family members of the slain woman cry for justice.

Family members of the deceased who spoke to the press on Sunday, June 2, revealed that the man escaped on Friday before he was to appear before the court this week.


The members gathered outside the police station demanding to know how the suspect escaped yet police officers were on guard at the station.

“The man committed the crime and later vanished. He was arrested and given 14 days before appearing in court. Now he is nowhere to be found,” one of the relatives remarked.

Outside the police station, the relatives were wailing and attracted the attention of other residents. They also accused the officers of colluding with the fugitive to help him escape.

Another family member revealed that the suspect blamed an ‘evil spirit’ for his heinous action. The suspect dismissed that someone had hired him to kill the woman.

“I can’t understand how a murder suspect escaped from this station. This is an inside job,” the deceased daughter stated.

The relatives also dismissed the allegations that the suspect escaped by breaking down the door adding that police could not show any damages.

Additionally, they questioned how many suspects had escaped before from the station with the help of the officers who may have been compromised.

The suspect hacked his employer to death and has been on the run until May this year when he was arrested in Nairobi. The deceased phone was found in the suspect’s aunt’s house.




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Source: Afrobarometer.


Police officers in Nairobi arrested a teenager who was captured on video beating up and injuring a police officer in Mirema, Nairobi County.

The clip, which went viral on social media on Sunday, showed the driver, a 19-year-old, beating up the officer who later landed in a ditch.

Reports indicated that the authorities tracked the motorist down on Sunday evening and grilled him overnight.

A clip that showed the driver undergoing a grilling from the police officers hinted that he underwent torture and was subjected to insults.

In the footage, the teenager revealed that he had never attacked a police officer and that the latest incident was his first encounter. He claimed that the officer was requesting excessive money.

Another video snippet indicated that the suspect was arrested while in a white car. Police officers believed that the teenager was in Mirema for a clubbing experience.

Reports indicated that the suspect was a gang leader in Mwiki and has 10 cases pending in court.

An earlier report by Kenyans.co.ke on the incident indicated that it kicked off on Sunday morning as the traffic police officer stopped the driver for attempting to make a wrong U-turn and obscuring traffic.

During the encounter, the officer got into the car and directed the driver to the police station.

However, the driver took a detour and unleashed a sword from under his seat forcing the police officer out of the vehicle.

A police report then indicated that the driver continued an attack on the police officer who sustained injuries.

The public, who had gathered to witness the attack then rushed the officer to a health facility for treatment.

For specialised treatment, the officer was transferred to Mama Lucy Hospital.



Sonko has intervened after Ian Njoroge, the 19-year-old man who assaulted a police officer, was arraigned in court.

He reached out to the assaulted police officer.

“He was once my bodyguard. He has accepted the family’s apology and is willing to forgive Ian,” Sonko said.

“Kile utaniambia mheshimiwa nitafuata. Hata kama nimeumia, I respect you. Umenitoa mbali,” the officer is heard saying in an audio recording shared by Sonko.

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A police officer from Bungoma County was on Sunday evening June 10 run over by a colleague while he was on duty.

According to the police report, the deceased was manning the Cheptais Junction along the Chwele Sirisia road before the incident.

The deceased stopped a motor vehicle for routine police inspection when the other officer came speeding in a police Landcruiser from the other direction.

“As the deceased was addressing the stated driver he was knocked down by a motor vehicle registration No. GKB **9T Toyota Land cruiser attached at Sirisia police station that was from the opposite direction driven by another officer,” read part of the police report.

Police at a roadblock
In a few minutes, the Landcruiser had knocked down the officer who was left with severe injuries which he later succumbed to.

His body was transferred to a local health facility awaiting autopsy. Police did not reveal whether the suspect was apprehended or is still at large.

“Due to the impact, the deceased was pushed ahead, suffered serious head injuries and died on the spot. The police vehicle scratched the stationary trailer on the right rear,” reads part of the police report.

Police officers also towed the private vehicle and the police Landcruiser to the Chwele Police Station pending inspection.

Additionally, the scene was processed as investigations into the incident commenced. The Bugoma Central Base Commander is dealing with the case.

This tragic incident comes a few months after another police officer was run over by a speeding motorist in the Brookside area in Kieni, Nyeri County.

Police reports indicated that the suspect was driving a truck and was speeding to avoid inspection being conducted by police officers.

Another incident was reported in January when another motorist ignored orders to stop and almost ran over a traffic police officer.

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