Our beloved Prezzo thanks Mt Kenya voters for shunning tribalism


The biggest headache and opposition for Ruto (if SCOK maintains his victory) will come from Mt. Kenya.
First point of disgruntlement will be when he names his cabinet.

Our beloved Prezzo will not let us down

Ruto is now making Noise. tunangoja hustler fund with wheelbarrows for youths.

YEP!!! he is being watched hawkishly.

He won’t that’s for sure

What then can we say of the coast, Turkana, luhya, kisii, somali etc who voted for Raila and yet never had any tribal kingpin represented


This 5 years will be very interesting
Walisema they have gotten rid of evil dynasties not knowing they just started another more nastier dynasty

Raia ni funny sana, kizungu kidogo washaa potea. Ndio maana mtu ako na nguvu ya kusimama mbele yao na kuwapea maths ya kipuzi ju anajua wao ni ng’ombe tu

The same imaginary victimhood they used can easily be weaponised against them.
-A well financed MP akizunguka two years from now akisema vile tender zote zinaenda Rift na Kikuyu businessmen are being oppressed would resonate very well because I’m sure honeymoon itakua imeisha. Reality that these thugs are worse than Uhuru will start creeping in

Ceremonial post atawapea

Most of the Kikuyu thugs who voted for this man have nothing to lose. They are bottom feeders who only come alive around election time, looking for 200 bob handouts.