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Then debunk it.

He is telling the truth. I’ve literally heard a Jew say it. Eti they can pray in a mosque but they cannot set foot inside a church.



This is the wrong platform for a Religious post but you fellows need to consider the following:-

In the beginning
The GOD put Adam and Eve on this beautiful , bountiful planet - the Garden of Eden.

But HE also cast out of Heaven a rebellious Angel called Lucifer but warned the couple NOT to eat (communicate , entertain , associate , imitate , cooperate , conspire ) with that evil fellow.

Failure to obey that command had its consequences

Fast forward
When , predictably , the planet degenerated into believers, unbelievers and idol worshipers he sent us a REDEEMER to explain , clarify and fix matters

But , after only 33 years , some among us crucified him and claim we are still waiting for the real Messiah - who ain’t coming…!!

But he left behind the Holy Spirit to comfort and guide us.

632 years AFTER the departure of our Savior and Redeemer , a Johnny-come-lately called Mohammed (PBUH) appeared in Mecca and further muddied the waters.

His first task was to copy/paste from the Holy texts of Judaism and Christianity
( …did you not wonder why the teachings of Judaism , Christianity and Islam converge or agree on many issues…??? )

He formed and presided over the most extremist , fundamentalist , radicalist , religious sect in existence - which over time has degenerated into several other even more rabid forms.

The so-called “Soldiers of Allah” like Hamas , Hezbollah , Al Qaeda , Al Shabaab , ISIS and Houthis are the worst examples of of these rabid forms of religious terrorists.

Mankind has a choice
We are now at a cross-road …
To embrace these evil , radical , backward , narrow minded , sectarian man made philosophies …
Firm , strong bonds and alliances with the diverse majority for a peaceful , harmonious , productive , cooperative and respectful co-existance …

Thus …
The meek shall eventually inherit the Earth:blush:

What about homo habilis, homo erectus and neanderthals? where do they fit in this Adam and Eve story?

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I will answer you in cryptic fashion …
Spirituality and Science converge at the point of GOD …
Let those with Ears Hear …
Let those with Eyes See … :blush:

Hehe sawa. However, please note evolution and creationsim are mutually exclusive! Both cannot be correct…


Which came First …
The Chicken or the Egg … ???
Your Human capbilities of Descernment , Comprehension and Understanding are Finite …
Your Creator has no such Barriers or Limitations … :blush:

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So what are you saying? If an idea doesn’t make sense the problem is me and not the idea? Is it even possible for 2 people to build a community leave alone produce over 4 races?

Was it possibe 300 years ago to :-

  • to fly passengers and cargo across continents …??
  • cure very simple diseases …??
  • communicate instantly over vast distances …??
  • can you even comprehend what Humans will be capable of 200 years from now , given only the current science trajectory …??

If an idea does not make sense to you …
The problem is your finite ( limited ) capacity to understand it …

After all it was only around 1400 when your forefathers belived that our planet was a flat surface …
(…Some in Donald Trump’s MAGA moron GOP Party have similar beliefs …) :blush: :joy:

Still, Christianity remains a polytheistic religion, at least Jews hata kama ni maumbwa, they’re monotheists.

hehe. In 200 or even 1000 years probably we will have discovered reverse-aging, how to grow and replace internal organs, selecting traits for your babies (designer babies), how to upload your mind into a computer and achieve immortality. Sai mtakuwa mnangoja rapture bado. Ebu tell me, if you were to see everything I’ve said become true, would you still believe in God?

This is really the wrong forum for this interesting discussion…
But …
Do all those Human development milestones deny the existence of GOD …??
And you still have not answered my simple Chicken or Egg Conundrum…:blush:

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They do not disprove God but every year you will be having fewer reasons to believe in God. As it stands we simply believe in God to answer questions we don’t have explanations for. Who created the universe? We don’t know therefore God. Where did we come from? We don’t know therefore God.

So where did we come from …??
Science … ??:blush:

@messiahette :
Spare a moment for this lost soul …:blush:

Evolution is a far better explanation than Adam and Eve. If you count the family tree of Jesus (found in Luke) you get about 76 ancestors from Jesus up to Adam. If a person lives 100 years, that’s 7600 years plus 2000 years from Jesus up to today. So is the earth 9600 years old?

When JESUS walked the Earth in His human body he only lived to be 33 years old.
Moses was 120 years old at the time of His death.
So when comparing body ages , Moses was older.
It’s actually not important though because JESUS is Eternal and is far older than any Man.
He has always existed.
JESUS is a Creation of GOD.
As is Time , Space , Earth , Adam , Eve and the Devil himself…

Is that too complicated for you …??:blush:

Religion is a scam. I know many religion believe in Adam and Eve story but there is also the Hebrew story that says that before Eve there was Lilith. This questions the whole story of Adam and Eve. Heri ni stick na story ya mababu zetu ya Ngai, Mumbi and Gikuyu yenye tumefundishwa

Please please, focus on what I have asked you. Mimi sijauliza how old Jesus was/is or how old Moses was. I’ve asked you how old is the earth if we follow the genealogy of Jesus according to Luke? The earth cannot be more than 10,000 years old if the things Luke wrote are true! Does that make sense?

The only one who really knows the answer is the one who created both Earth and Luke …

How would Luke ( … a mere Human who was not around during Creation… ) , actually know…?? :blush: