Otuoma Vs. Ojaamong

[SIZE=6]“No Otuoma! No Raila!”[/SIZE]

Major protests rocked Busia county after Governor Sospeter Ojaamong was declared the winner of ODM nomination on Friday.

Ojaamong clinched the ODM ticket with 92,358 votes against Funyula MP Paul Otuoma’s 63,752 votes.

“No Otuoma. No Raila,” Otuoma’s supporters shouted as they marched towards the governor’s office.

“No Otuoma. No peace in Busia county,” the protesters said. They waved placards, screamed and shouted.

“This is serious rigging. Otuoma has won and that is it,” one of the supporters said.

Otuoma told journalists that he is confident that he had won and termed the results as flawed.

“This is the will of the people of the Busia and it has to prevail. I am confident we have won elections and we are going to go ask IEBC to give us certificates,” he said.

Otuoma, who did not look disturbed about the results, addressed his supporters explaining to them how the governor had rigged.


[SIZE=4]“Total registered votes in Teso ni 38,000. Sasa, hii watu wamepiga kuliko wenye wako registered kwa IEBC. Hata ukiwa mwizi lazima ukuwe na akili na adabu (They voted more than the numbers registered by IEBC. Even as a thief, one should be smart and use their common sense),” Otuoma said.[/SIZE]

This is just the beginning.[/SIZE]

Muoto kama pasi.

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ODM’s modus operandi of rigging elections is being exposed.
Babuon is keen on having forefathers of all ODM members cast their vote in August.


Let’s look at Teso south critically based on what Ojamoong is trying to tell us in respect to Busia governorship race.

  1. Here, Ojamoong garnered 44,000 while Otuoma had 1000 plus votes. Add this and you have 100% plus voter turn out bearing in mind the total registered voters here is slightly above 45,000. Impossible
  2. With 100% turn out according to Ojamoong, then it means all registered voters in Teso South are ODM members. Impossible bearing in mind Jubilee numbers here.
  3. With 100% turn out according to Ojamoong, it means since 2013 and now, we havent had any deaths in Teso South. KMPG will soon give us the answers.
  4. With 100% turn out according to Ojamoong, it means that all registered voters in Teso South leaving outside the constituency travelled to go and participate in the nominations. Impossible
  5. With 100% turn out according to Ojamoong, it means that even those in hospitals left their sick beds to go and vote in the nominations. Impossible.
  6. With 100% turn out, it means that all those who voted for a Jubilee MP in 2013 have since joined ODM. Impossible.
  7. With 100% turn out according to Ojamoong, it means that people here participate in nominations more than the real elections. Impossible
  8. With 100% turn out according to Ojamoong, it means Teso South which is a minority constituency outstaged the likes of Budalangi and Funyula which have more registered voters according to IEBC records.
  9. So 7 constituencies with more registered voters and more numbers as far as ODM is concerned were beaten pants down by two constituencies with less registered voters and less numbers as far as ODM is oncerned…Impossible
    In short, Ojamoong stole the votes

who was the returning officer?


Na mnasema Jubilee ndio wezi Wa kura. matako wazi nyie



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I wonder if ODM supporters will be keenly analysing the Jubilee nominations come friday

The same one who went :D:D:D


drying ama?:D:D:D:D:D:D


Is it not a matter of National interest my friend from the either side of the coalition


More like a comedy show, after all who doesn’t want to see his rival go nuts and starts hitting himself.

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I see voter apathy in ODM strongholds come election day.


The focus on ODM nominations by Jubilee supporters has been somewhat an obsession we even had an official thread

if the nominations are bungled and contestants forced on the electorate then apathy will be very high


You are obsessed with Jubilee’s obsessions.


when your enemy have a sword… you take more keen the attention towards him, as the same sword would could be used in slaying him.

Hata wewe fungua official thread, though I doubt you could ever put something here that would generate 1% of the interest a @Meria Mata topic gets.

Ama utuwekee mawazo hapa:


From DisQus:

magistrate3 hours ago

Huyu MDVD kama alikua msichana angekua na watoto watano sasa from five different men.

  1. 2002 alidanganywa na Moi akatoka NARC akarudi KANU wakaanguka na Uhuru.
  2. 2007 akadanganywa a support ALIAR ati atasapportiwa 2013. wakaanguka pamoja.
  3. 2013 akadanganywa na Uhuruto ati watamsupport, wakamlenga akaanguka kivyake.
  4. 2016 ALIAR akamrudia tena na kumdunga mimba ingine ati atamsupport 2017.
  5. 2017 ALIAR amemkamata tena ball ya tano! HUYU MDVD BURE KABISA. Its better Weta ams Wamalwa!!

Yaani Phandom is suffering singomatha blues!!

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