Other than politicians, who is mourning Moi ?

I’ve heard a lot of crying by politicians but I’m yet to hear any mourning by commoners. Are there vigils in Kabarak by peasants ? Any special masses in the a Baringo ? Spontaneous parties celebrating his life?

He was not a man of the people. Despite his unimaginable wealth he wasn’t known for any charitable acts post presidency. He didn’t support anything other than blessings politicians. Not into arts, not into sports, not even religion.

A miserly thief. Unlike the generous drug dealers like Sonko this nigga didn’t share his loot with the adoring peasants.

That’s why nobody is actually mourning him outside the political class.

He won’t be missed.

The head mistresses are also mourning.

Rift Valley regional commissioner George Natembeya when he announced plans to offer snacks in Kabarak. Photo: Ben Kerich.

The netizens observed that snacks were too little and did not befit the stature of the fallen president who was well known for offering free bulls and bread, especially when visiting schools. Kenyans now want the government to change the program and instead of snacks, sodas, and water, they get to eat beef and chicken. Others observed the snacks would lead to a stampede as mourners would scramble for them.
Simon Batoh has called on Okiya Omtatah to file a petition to have the organizing committee disbanded for failing to take care of the mourners’ welfare.

“Surely! In the late VP Kijana Wamalwa’s burial, we ate chicken, ugali, rice chapo at Kitale showground. We were well fed. Almost 50,000 people in attendance. Burial of a whole president you are giving us snacks!” said Danson Mateya.

Read more: https://www.tuko.co.ke/339567-kenyans-angered-by-governments-free-snacks-offer-mois-burial-we-meat-chicken.html?fbclid=IwAR2AsFmOiym6IIZMH-bcX5pXC9Wq30lH6wDcHeRnmoasseKN4eA2i05J7XY

Haujaona idlers wanaenda kum view parliament

Hey you naïve 90s kiddo, restrict your 2 cents to the “Digital Duo”, will you?
FIY today alone, over 200,000 ordinary folks flocked parliament buildings to pay their last respect to the former head of state. Check the statistics!

I as wakanyama I am mourning him

Hao ni wale huenda kuona overturned petrol tankers and crowd over burnt thieves. They’ll look at anything.

Umbwa hii I tried tu tag you kumbe uko na star ya umefi

We only view tomorrow as a holiday an wish him the best in the afterlife…

Binadamu ya meffi ya kuku wewe

What about those who lined up to view his body.
I am sure the stadium will be full to capacity today

you’re wrong, guys are fainting in parliament crying. kuna long queues.


hi my deer?

Kwani Waluhya walirogwa na chakula?

Fiti dikteta .

What does that even mean?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It means ni matusi direct from Mombasa

County commissioners had orders to ferry people from their counties (Civil servants) complete with allowance with strict instructions to view the dead Moi. Hata mimi nkichaguliwa kwenda parliament with an allowance ntaenda na line ntapanga. That’s why unaona the lines never thin.

:D:D… that’s why Baks is the best president so far…