OTA Update at stand still.

Simu imekwamilia tu system recovery. Nikireboot inaonyesha tu logo alafu tena inarudi tu recovery mode. Je hii ndio watu husema ati simu kageuka kuwa tofali? Kuna uwezekano wowote irudi katika hali ya kawaida? Nitashukuru kwa mchango wenu. Picha nimeiweka hapa kwa maelezo zaidi.

Mbillionaires dont root phones…the Phones are customized

If it shows the logo, thats bootloop not brick. Try and wipe cache in recovery and boot again

Before updating, I unrooted it back. Even I confirmed with root checker.

I have tried it, also factory reset too. But nothing has changed.

Flash the original software again and again do the OTA. Maybe something had gone wrong originally

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reflash firmware if wiping cache and reset is not working

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tafuta original firmware ureflash

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Let me try that and I will inform you of the outcome. Thank you guys.

The idea of rooting is to gain access to system files that means it interferes/changes some system partitions,an OTA update will first check the system tables and partitions to make sure the updates matches the device oem hardware specifications and shiet.if it detects any changes in the system partition u will likely end up in bootloop…So in the future unrooting dosent guarantee u to take an ota update (there is a safe unrooting method if u want an ota update). Ua best chance is to flash the stock rom. goodluck

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So far there is optimism. Went to needrom.com downloaded the oldest rom thaught was the official rom (generated on dec 2015). Successfully flashed the phone. But unfortunately the setupcan’t go past wifi setup. It just reaches there and the skip button becomes inactive. Intend to reflash it again with a newer stock rom.

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Thank you guys. It worked.[ATTACH=full]42762[/ATTACH]