Osinachi :Tolerance for domestic violence in church and the shame and destruction it eventually brings

As a believer I have asked myself alot of questions about this matter of Osinachi the international worshipper killed by her pastor husband. Her pasta Peter Eneche says, he had no idea that there was violence in the marriage yet Osinachi separated with her husband for over a year and went to live with her mother after the mother begged her she rather have her alive and divorced than beaten to death and married.

Na ukiskia mzazi akikwambia kitu that thing will come to pass ohh!
Her mother knew that this man was going to kill her and he did eventually.

Most pastors don’t want to talk about this issue. Wako busy talking about how Osinachi is now singing for God in heaven. OK. But what about her children who have been traumatized living with all of the violence maybe they even saw their mom beaten to death.

I saw that the man would even tell the children to beat their mother. Yaani these are things happening in Christian house holds. Alafu Sunday muko kuinulia Bwana mkono. Human beings are wicked.

My first question is, did Osinachi and even her pastors and parents have no discernment about this evil man who btw had another wife who he was taking all of the money Osinachi was getting to. Clearly this man is capable of loving and taking care of a woman so did he marry Osinachi out of convience because alikua na nyota ya kumletea pesa through her worship?

Personally I am a strong advocate that women should not marry men who are poorer than them and in this story and many others I’m justified in my argument. How would you know if a man is not only after your money, if you have more than him or in this case he even has nothing at all ata hio upasta alipewa kwa heshima ya Bibi.

Sinach was a single international worshipper who did not bow to pressure to marry in church or Christian circles until God provided the right person. Worshippers have very close relationships with God there’s no way a wrong man will even smile at you and the Spirit of God does not let you know.

Is it time as a church we reconsider the pressure we put on our women to get married and stay in toxic marriages? Imagine what damage has happened to her kids? Imagine your mom is killed by your dad, now your dad is going to jail for life. The shame. The pain. I can’t even imagine. I don’t deny that God hates divorce and He’s against remarriage but God always separation, kuliko you damage your kids and scar them for life or you are beaten to death like a dog or you are working but you have no money bcz you as a good submissive wife are being financially controlled and abused by your husband who is supposed to protect him. As he is taking all your money to another woman. Yesterday as I was preparing to go church I heard the song Ekueme nikaskia I don’t even want to hear that song bcz it now reminds me of what happened to Osinachi. A song that was ministering to millions has now been desecrated. Is the devil strategic or what? The anointing in that song has been desecrated. Nowadays I personally don’t want to hear that song and I know I am not the only one.

I have just remembered that the murdered lady Mary Kamangara who was killed by her husband’s side chick and her former employee loved that song and in her last days she posted herself live on Facebook enough times singing this song.

My greatest question though to all Christian women is, is frustrating and unfulfilling marriage really our portion. Is this what God wants for us as our Dad ati nyumbani tears and you are worshipping the Lord? I don’t think so. This can never be God’s will for His children. Ati worldly people are making fun of how God’s children are dying in marriage.

Anyway, as a church we need alot of soul searching I believe that God wants to deliver many from entering and staying in toxic and abusive marriages. It does not bring glory to God and simply put as children of the King of Kings this is simply not our portion we deserve better.

Don’t stay in a toxic relationship or marriage to please people. When you die like a dog the same people who you were dying to please will talk ill of you and point fingers at your now orphaned kids.

The standard I always use for measuring relationships is, would I want my daughter to be in such a relationship or marriage , with such a person. If the answer is no just know that God also does not approve of your situation. Just leave. People will talk at night they will sleep after some time they will talk about something or someone else.

I’m so grieved especially for the kids. If you don’t love yourself enough to walk out at least do it for your children. You don’t know what a mother means. A mother is everything. Why would you allow for your kids to grow up with out a mother bcz of a man, your pastor or whatever people will say. You You have a mother why are you indirectly committing suicide, depriving your kids of a mom. What kind of a mother will you be when you are sad every day, depressed, battered and your money is even being taken. I understand Osinachi kids could not even eat well. The husband was eating well with his other woman from Osinachi money as her kids are eating sukuma. Surely women, we can do better than this. The devil will make a fool of you if you let him. You must leave all toxic relationships including some of your blood relatives coz wanakuchafua tuu roho and are sent of the devil. The Bible says, hold on to what is good, hio ingine wachilia kabisa. Tuache kuaibisha Mungu juu tunaabudu watu.