Oshwa mecho, girls street fight

There is something attractive about watching girls engaging in street fights.


Bonobos living in the hood,food stamp single mothers.With rap sheet longer than Uhuru Highway…

Too many niggas staying idle.

Sad state of Affairs, most probably, a democrat ran city.


Hakuna coomer? Kuna ingine niliona telekiramu wanatandikana alafu videographer amezoom kwa kangura,ilikya fap friendly ju alikaa focused:D:D:D:D:D:D

best amateur cameraman ever apewe kazi pale UFC


Very geyy comment

Those are not Girls. Please use the correction word.

Huyo gal wa kwanza anateremuka stairs design ya @austinstonecold halafu anapigwa ngumi kama mburukengee, bure sana.

And this is why wazungu are uncomfortable with them in their neighborhood

So, you are here speaking for the wazungu ?

Primitive energy

The minute these guys move to a neighborhood, levels of crime shoot up. A coincidence? As @Ndindu often says, jungle software at its best.

Way better than their male counterparts who use guns…

Im questioning the level of reasoning ya our races

It’s criminal that not a single person screamed “WORLDSTAR!”

Nyeuthi nyingi za America ni takataka

Attractive??? WTF…