Osheni ndio tukalale.


The chalupa is extra phat:D:D

Uyo wa kwanza is on point. Hutu twingine are not landwhale enough

That’s just underwear… :D:D


Some pics are as fake as they come. Lakini namba 4 ana macho poa

Kuna mtu amemucatfish saaaana on Twitter. Goes by the username Erryca10 or something.

Nilijua that erryca clown on twitter is a catfish alipoanza kuuza odds za kubet

Is that Size 8 on the second last photo?

Weka nude pictures kadhaa and I will consider unblocking you

U are asking who+?

Erryca original is a nigeria lady - i met her when i was in Lagos

huyu ni Ladyboy lakini siwezimind

Mali swafi


Tulisemaje kuhusu ladies whose skin is extraordinarily flawless?

Like this one?



Kwanza huyo wa 1st pic