Osheni kutu

Ndugu zangu ningeomba tuoshe mecho


Cornea is clean. Sande sana.

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Doggtari @rexxsimba, how can you lust after whales and hippos when there are such fine things to be had?

Sir …
You are preaching to the already Converted…:grin:

Shikilia hapo hapo.

Holding …:grin:

Tamu kama sunguch. Bei ni 150

@rexxsimba note book na biro ya bic kuja hapa upesi. Take notes.

Fail Seth Meyers GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

I want to add herbal detergent for your eye wash

Kijana …
You are addressing the Guru with 6TB worth of top notch BBW Booty …:fire::fire::fire: