Osha mesho - radiographer nimeland



What kind of fetish is this?!! Ata ivory coast hajafika this level

Mifupa tuliachia…

umeffi thread closed

Umechoma banae

Karibu sana sonographer

Wewe unaweza nyonga na corpses

A good tribute to the wonders of science

Must be kikuyu. Forehead hatar

:smiley: :smiley: beneathe the fuss is all bones

Afadhali some of us who have fetish with the feet and knees… hii yako is totally unacceptable

This is artistic shows us beneath these brown skins and huge derrieres’ lies the very equalizing factor of them all bones yet very creeepy at the same time. What makes me fret is the mere fact that you probably exposed that damsel to high radiation levels that may cull her lineage.

Beauty is only skin deep…

When I was young I thought Dem ako na shimo kwa bones yenye boro upitia ,[ATTACH=full]410715[/ATTACH]

hii inakaa CGI banae
iko mtu ako na akili timamu anaweza kubali kupigwa xray mara seventeen?

I thought radiation causes cancer?

Reminds me there wa a particular one plus phone that could take such photos,ilikuwa serious hadi they had to patch it up

yaani radiography cannot capture k~uma?

Lakini inaona matako. Tupewe bei @cortedivoire