Osha mecho


Bad girl…

Hizi ni picha za kitambo sana, njaruo @Swansea Ochollah bado akiwa campus na akiuza mkundu kwa rich mzungu sugar daddies.

With his missing lower teeth, @Swansea was a lethal cock sucker. He sucked like a toothless calf. Hadi victim anaanguka chini, magoti kwisa isa ngufu.

[SIZE=5]Because of his tremendous cock sucking skills @Swansea 's lips are today shaped like this below to get that final drop of nectar.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]@Swansea McAdams Ochollah could suck a coconut through a straw.[/SIZE]




Naskia siku hizi unajiita @buttco

maliza hii homosexual

No3 is wife material

All women are wife materials… I know of a guy who took a certain luhya lady from Gill house massage cum milking place. He took her for thorough medical check up, found her fit, opened a boutique for her in nakuru and bought a plot and built her a home outskirts of nakuru towards njoro and they are now happily married with two lovely kids. The guy tells me the lady gives him the best in bed owing to her previous experience.

:D:D:D:D hii jamaa yako iliamua kama mbaya mbaya

I think he liked the lady. I had liked her too. She was beautiful well mannered and extremely good in bed. I have never had a bj like hers after she got married. She could tease you till you feel the d, ick bursting. My only problem is that I can’t marry someone whom I know her past crow record.

Jesus Christ!