Osha mecho na hii kienyeji. Mkipatana hakuna kuuliza anapenda style gani - Kainamaa

She realised she was a naughty big ass slut kitambo. According to Times Uganda - “She later joined Naalya senior secondary school where she was known for being in dark corners with boys and she loved her bean to be irrigated all the time. We further unearthed that she was famous in coupling which once saw her being suspended from school.”




Where is the bean?

Too fat and ugly. @captain obvious utalipa ngapi hapa

Hii ni Nyankole…

A woman who’s only asset is her ass will never have anything to offer other than that. No beauty no brains just ass

Ntalipa mamako 120/= nimtombe mcoondu sawasawa. Rusha number yake inbox.

Wewe deep fry kwanza ulete hekaya

Shi is a cute petite light skin 19 year old and according to her words " @forestmonkey hatutawai achana nakupenda to the moon and mback" life iko fiti plus now am an official bitcoin birrionea. blessings!!!

Uko sure hainuki


Kina minaj who only have ass, but a toddlers brain and tabia from hell. Alafu mtu anakuuliza “what don’t you see in mee?? I’ve got a bigger ass than your current!!” Ghassieer.

And that’s why Minaj is married to a ex con rapist. She got nothing to offer to a proper guy mwenye has his shit together


siruali iko na belt

Elder wacha ufala. I was referring the lady as too fat and ugly.

Don’t tag me in your bullshit.
@cortedivoire ndio huweka hizo comment za kishenzi, tag him next time.

Si ungesema hivo ghaseer