Oscar Sudi Yuko Na Wanawake Wengi

Na tuendelee vivyo hivyo bwana Sudi. Mwanaume ni kukua na wanawake wengi. Thank you for unapologetically setting the right example.


Hizi ghaseer zinakula hundreds of million mileage claims, so lazima atafute pahali ya kudistribute hizo unearned wealth vizuri. Hao wanawake wengine most probably ni Campus ghels. Kama vile Ababu Nanyamba alifanyia 2nd year fulani akamuwife.

Only a fool spends his wealth on women. Let him loose his social status and watch how his many women will fizzle out.

Not to be mean but you cannot expect sudi to depend on his looks to woo women. He has to throw bundles of cash around to entrap mapipi

You must be an imbecile to be this old and think women are attracted to men because of how they look. What idiocy is this?

Take a chill pill! Blame the almighty that your looks scare women and you have to always pay for it. Life is not fair!?!:smiley:

100% 100% 100%

Kabisa mdem ni pesa si sura. Hawa wasee wa 6pack watajua hawajui when they’re in their 30s amd 40s without money. The pretty yengs won’t even look at them. They would trip over themselves for the bow-legged, retarded looking millionaire like simple boy.

Hiyo ufala toa kwa kichwa elder.

A man’s attraction is resource based. Once your resources are gone, the woman also exits.

Looks (genetics), Money (resources) Status (Power). Full package or utakua always una fall short in her eyes akikumbuka sacrifice alimake ndo ends zake zimeet.

Endelea kunywa monthly pills bro.

A fool and his money are soon parted

Anytime I see this woman I want to puke. Yaani Kenya is held in a chokehold by people who’ve stolen copious amounts from the public purse as employees, who then become elected officials and entrench their criminal ways and networks where it bites the most. If these are the guys that take over in a few years, the youth of Kenya will have it really, really rough.

Anyway, look at the kind of utterances that excite some Kenyans:rolleyes:

Look at some of the discourse above

Enyewe Kenya is fcuked.

How many women was he hitting when he was still Makanga?.. Probably the same number, just different class…ama? :D:D


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DSio poaa

Y’all missing the point. Sudi played the system

For those arguing looks only matter to women when a man is under 24 (at college or uni or High-school) The dynamic of such a relationship is different. What women look for here is just fun maybe clubbing if they’re party girls etc

But if a man is outside college or uni, then they can’t have a chemistry with a woman because they live different lives, are usually not agemates, don’t have the same thinking capacity, priorities, are not in the same stage in life and therefore can’t have a meaningful conversation or even share a joke etc.

And from Briffaults Law, the only way a woman will benefit from such a relationship is through finances, gifts etc

And then there’s an exception of women who were lucky to get good jobs and won’t mind to finance a maybe good looking, funny guy and probably also good in the bedsheet guy like Jackie Maribe and Jowie

And the one who sticks to one won’t see her fizzle out?

You must be an Ugly Man, otherwise what science would explain your coping ignorance. Read people my friend, especially Women. Don’t be gullible ivo