Osama's UK Accomplice Responsible For 1998 Nairobi - Dar Blasts Freed From Prison For Being At Risk Of Covid19 Due To Obesity

Osama Bin Laden’s propagandist is back walking the streets of Britain after being freed from a US prison early because he is overweight. Adel Abdel Bary, 60, was jailed over the 1998 terror attacks on US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 224 people. However, he has been given an early ‘mercy’ release after claiming that his morbid obesity and asthma meant his life was at risk due to coronavirus. The dad-of-six, known as Bin Laden’s spokesman in Europe, walked from a detention facility in in New Jersey on Tuesday and flew home to London yesterday.

The Egyptian national whose son is an ISIS fighter, has gone back to live with his wife Ragaa, 59, at their £1million council flat in Maida Vale, in the north-west of the capital. His arrival to the UK could not be blocked as he was granted asylum in Britain in 1997, and authorities can’t send him to Egypt because he could face torture or death. The terrorist’s lawyer told The New York Times: ‘After all this time, all Mr Bary wants is to enjoy a quiet life with his family.’


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I dont need to run,it is well documented,terrorists were seeded during the mujaheedin era,your gods failed to pay them as agreed but decided to fund their agendas anyway,little did they know they created a chimera that came to bite them in the arse…well until jet fuel melted iron beams;);):wink:

What was the balance?

Please expound on the balance

You seem to know the amount that was to be paid to the Mujahideen by the Americans. You have said that the Anericans didn’t pay the full amount as agreed. So what was the remaining balance?

I guess thats what the sheep shaggers want hence the aimless ‘wars’ the jar heads fight 3000 clicks outside america “for every american” to keep them safe…3000clicks away. Sijui ni ngapi imebaki boss but ni mob

Why don’t you just describe everything in simple English or Swahili? You mix weird jargon and terms… I think it’s because you know that you are full of bullsh.it!!

Explain yourself clearly in well thought out paragraphs… sasa 3000 clicks… I’m not a marine and neither are you si utumie lugha au distances zinaeleweka. What are you saying man?

“I live 3000 clicks outside Ruaka”… hehehehe

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Uyu angepelekwa Guantanamo bay apige tizi

Another Donald Trump pardon.