Original, Fake.. Who's playing who? Men we have been duped

We have been duped ama ni lighting ndio hakuna ama ni camera tricks:D:D:D


na hao ndo huwa na maringo tupu!

kali sana
hope sio staged

kamattercore kanaweza,hii unaoperate ki black ops …go dark and annihilate the bushy HQ,kesi ipelekwe tribunal baadae

Problem is what you see is not what you get

Apana mbaya. That’s how 99% of bitches look in their nashoro habitat, unless you just invite them over, fuck them then throw their asses out.

alisense anapigwa picha akaanza kukunja miguu kwa kitanda kama ako photoshoot

You sue the shit out of her for falsification and being an imposter. Here is a scenario where a Chinese man got awarded

there’re things in this life i’m yet to understand.

umama tupu…
thread abandoned


Cover the face and fire the base


Huyo mzae lazima aliitiwa feminazi…


i dont see any difference.

si mbaya sana

Uyo ata ako at least, wengine huwa very different

Same girl different hair

Ni kama tu vile wewe hufwanana na bibi yako