Origin of Arab hostility ( terrorism,)

And God had said in Genesis 16:12 that Ishmael, father of the Arabs and of Islam, would be a wild-ass. The hand of all would be against him and his hand would be against all. God was revealing that the descendants of Ishmael would be terrorists, jihadists and bombers. When Noah said, “Cursed be Canaan,” Noah was speaking about the black race. And when God said, “Ishmael will be a wild-ass,” God was speaking of Islam. An Arab is a donkey but a Muslim is a wild donkey. A Jew is an olive tree but a Christian is a wild olive tree. And in the celestial tabernacle there were also cherubs, prophets made of wild olive wood.

16 And if Muslims are not wild donkeys, how can Allah say, “Kill the unbelievers until they convert to Islam?.. He who leaves Islam, kill him.” And why don’t they know that this barbaric and bloodthirsty Allah is Satan? And since Islam is the religion of wild donkeys, anyone who converts to Islam receives the spirit of the donkey and acts like a donkey. And by converting to Islam, you become wild donkeys. According to God’s plan and decision, the Arabs were to receive the Jewish prophets. This is a decree of God and every Arab should accept that. But they also preferred to fabricate a religion and a holy book.

17 Before Islam, all the Arab nations were Christian and they all had coins with Christian symbols. Before Islam, the majority of the great Christian councils had taken place on the Arab soil. Ephesus, Antioch, Constantinople, and Alexandria are Arab cities. And before the arrival of Islam, the Eastern Roman Empire called the Byzantine Empire, which had become Christian, had already destroyed all the pagan idols of Arabia. So, all the idols that Mahomet and his army had destroyed were actually synagogues and churches. When Mahomet talks of the idols of Mecca, he is talking about Christianity, referring to the trinity.

18 And then by the use of weapons, Quraysh, the Christian city of Saudi Arabia is massacred and later renamed Mecca. Its buildings are transformed into Mahomet’s churches and later into mosques. And Yathrib, the Jewish city of Saudi Arabia also becomes Medina and the Jewish places of worship are transformed into mosques. Quraysh and Najran were Christian cities. Quraysh was not a commercial crossroads or a big Arab city but the sanctuary of the Christians of Saudi Arabia.

19 And before Islam, Mustafa Mahomed, under his real name, was a Christian. And he and his followers used to put roadblocks and attack Christian and Jewish caravans. And later, he created his Christian branch mixed with Judaism, and this branch became Islam after his death thanks to the Caliph Abd Al-Malik. It was Abd Al-Malik who gave the name Islam to the religion and the name Muslim to the followers of Islam and gathered the first Quran. Mahomet was Christian, a preacher of the Apocalypse. That’s why the entire Quran is addressed to the Christians and the Jews. Islam is some Christianity; it is a Christian heresy.

20 Words like Quran, Surah, Zakat and Salat are Syriac Christian words and circumcision, pork, ablutions are practices of Judaism. And even Mahomet believed that his cousin Ali, father of the Shia, was the second coming of Christ. Islam is a Christian sect. And in Ivory Coast, a certain Koné Bakari created a Christian sect and its followers pray sitting on mats like in a mosque, they greet each other: “as-salam alaykum” and women wear the hijab like Muslim women. And he wrote his own version of the Bible. That is what Mustafa Mahomed and the Arabs had fabricated.

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